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TGMS Future Stars #81: Timmi

It’s been a while since we’ve published a new mix in our Future Stars mix series. We’ven been working on many things: new releases, a radio show, thinking about a new website. Hence, this blog starts to feel like running an agency. Which made me think that this is actually possible. So stay tuned for news in the near future.

Today we are here to announce a fresh talent from Pakistan: Timmi. He is known for his progressive and deep tech style. His sets have a coherent energy, infectious grooves are the key component for masses to be captivated.

Timmi is going to take us on a journey filled with deep delight. So enjoy the ride.

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Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
I’m from Pakistan, it’s a peaceful and beautiful country it’s culture, colours and people inspires me a lot. It’s a country full of dreams and hopes.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
It started from Trance, EDM then progressive and deep house and getting more into this day by day.

What excites you the most as a DJ/producer?
It connects with people and the fact you touch emotions and can express through your music.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
There are a lot of artists who have influenced me over time and I have learnt a lot from them, such as Brian Cid, Nico Morano, Stan Kolev, Abeer and many others.

How will the future of a DJ look like let’s say in 2040? Meaning technology-wise. Go crazy.
After 20 years I think there will be more music introduced to more people there will not be much change in taste but yeah in technology it will improve more.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
It’s a kind of deep house which takes you to a deep journey, touching emotions and a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life.

Thank you.

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