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French talent, Serrge Brenrough, is taking care of th e8th installment in the Future Stars mix series.

TGMS Future Stars #88: Serrge Brenrough

This talent from the east of France is ready to conquer the world with his fresh sounds. April 23 he will be releasing his first EP with us. Check out the teaser and what the industry finest already had to say about his upcoming “Meditation/Low Pressure” EP.

But today he is here taking care of installment #88 in our Future Stars mix series. Enjoy the trip.

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Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
I am from the Vosges in the east of France and migrated near Lyon for work. This job taught me to be organized and meticulous, something I find essential when producing and mixing as well. When I am in Lyon, I very often find myself in the middle of the city bustle where something is always happening. But the place where I feel best is in the countryside where I live. Always ready for nature as it creates a certain balance in a sense. I need a calm environment and solitude to create.

Why did you want to be a DJ/producer?
I am not picky when it comes to music. I like a lot of music, good energy, emotions at a time. I make music for myself in the first place. I took so much pleasure to listen to it that, I got says why not make it and be able to share, if I somehow give back what I have been given (I am selfless finally I think !!)

It is also a way of being able to contribute to this great community that is electronic music and to be able to share my passion. I believe that the purpose is there, sharing music.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
Simply put, you hate it or you love it. I discover Daft Punk and not much later friends taught me how to mix and play with vinyl. These friends organized free parties, small in the beginning, but they grew bigger. A great way to discover electronic music this way. I love music as much as the movement of the time, party, protest, freedom, sharing. I wish I was there at the “La Piscine Molitor” back in the days. (Heretic System)

I do listen to some good old vinyl once in a while. This is more than a passion …

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
I have selected tracks that I appreciate a lot. I do not look for names when I select tracks for a mix. I picked some tracks which I like above all, where you can feel good energy and good vibes as well as some breaks. I offer you a little trip accompanied by the music I like.!

Any news to share regarding upcoming releases?
To be honest, I have not much planned for the moment. I am currently working on a few tracks but nothing is final yet.

I just had a release via Polyptych. My track is part of their VA Compilation “New Talents & Freinds”

And on April 23 I will release my first EP ever, with you guys. Thank you for that.

Thank you.

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