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Karo V

TGMS Future Stars #95: Karo V.

Next up in our TGMS Future Stars mix series is Brussels-based DJ & producer Karo V. She started her melodic trip about 18 years ago when she bought her first vinyl records. Everything started when she took part in the radio program ‘Discover the DJ’ on national radio, Studio Brussel back in the days.

After this, she quickly started to spin records in different bars, parties and radio stations. She travelled from House music to Deep House and Tech House to Minimal House and Electro. Today, she’s mainly inspired by Deep House and Tech House with always a sensible melodic touch. Her sets are known for their unique sounds and happy sensual atmosphere.

Playing music as a DJ made her want to create her own music and she dived into the fabulous world of music production. The music she plays behind the turntables is for sure a source of inspiration and she expresses her feelings into warm melodic patterns and she really tries to find the right sounds.

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Tell us in a few words about Karo V.?

I am a Brussels based DJ sinds more thans 18 years now. For a few years now  I made the big step and I dived into the very complex world of music production. Besides I am also a mother and I have a ‘regular job’. I am glad to have the chance to express myself into music and to find a balance between all these aspects of my life.

You are a DJ and producer. How did it all start for you? What was the spark that set the fire?

I started my passion for Djing for more than 20 years now. I bought my vinyl records in well-known record shops in Brussels, Gent, Antwerp… and I learned the spin records and the art of Djing. I loved to spend hours in those shops looking for the right sounds. This was a great time and I am a little nostalgic…

Everything started when I took part in a radio program Switch ‘Discover the Dj’ on Studio Brussel at that time presented by Nina de Man. This great experience pushed me to promote myself and I started to play in different bars, clubs and parties.

All these years I focused exclusively on Djing because it brought me the satisfaction I was looking for. I always had an affection for music production but it sounded like a completely different world to me. Nevertheless, some of my friends motivated me and I decided to get in it. I don’t have any regrets now and it’s a really great creative opportunity for me. 

2020 will be absolutely a great year for me. In June you can expect a release of my collaboration with a Belgian duo. This progressive track is called ‘Nova’ and will be released on the VA compilation “Hier kommt die Parade” on Tanzgemeinschaft. Also in June the release of my first solo E.P. ‘Equals’ also a Belgian record label ‘Yuna Beats’. Later this year, Tanzgemeinshaft will release another E.P. but a little more electro-ambient this time. I am very excited about it and all this just drives me to go further into it! Actually I am working on a more tech-house project. So, stay tuned …

“Equals” is out on Beaport »

Are there things in life that make you intensely happy?

Yes of course! I love to travel and to discover new places with my family, I love to share a good meal with my better half, I love to share intimate moments with my best friends….there is so much more of course…

And sad?

Animal abuse, human stupidity… It doesn’t just make me sad but really angry too.

What’s your morning routine?

I am a relatively active person in the morning. I first take care of my pets, I do some housework and I have breakfast. During breakfast, I like to check my emails, social networks and check the daily news. Afterwards, I am ready to start my working day.

Do you prefer music when waking up or going for a silent treatment?

I go for a silent treatment!

What keeps you in the mood?

A long dynamic DJ set!

Do you have bad habits you can’t get rid of?

I am a control freak and it’s difficult for me to let go, but I’m working on it …

What is something that made you laugh out loud in the recent past?

We try to keep in contact with some friends the best we can during this lockdown and like a lot of people we do this by sharing a drink by videoconference. Some of them were very funny and made me laugh out loud! It’s good to have these moments during these strange times…

Music is a part of your life. What would be the soundtrack of your life?

I have two tracks that are very meaningful for me :

Hans Zimmer – Time

Whom would you like to share the stage with? Karo V. & … ?

There are a lot of artists I really like of course, but some of them are on the top of my list … Nhar, Mollono Bass and David Hasert are for sure my favourite artists and sharing the stage with one of them would just be … incredible!

Is there something you like or hate about the music industry?

To be successful in the music industry is often a question of the right connections and that’s very sad because a lot of artists will never get the deserved consideration. On the other side, the good thing is that promoting artists has never been as easy as it is today. A bunch of tools are available.

What is the best advice you ever got?

Surround yourself with the right positive people.

On what did you recently spend too much money on?

I bought some hardware, but I was disappointed about it. Fortunately, I could quickly resell it.

What is it you’d like to have some more time for?

I would like more time to make some music and more time to see my friends.

Your favourite artist(s) of the moment?

Clara Lucciani, Balhtazar, Claire Laffut, Pole e Pan, Agar Agar, Peggy Gou, Nils Frahm, Einmusik, Rone, …

Thank you

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