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Dylan Munro

TGMS Fuure Stars #25: Dylan Munro

From the shadows steps forward an individual who tends to keep to himself in person so that he can let his music do what it needs to do. South African born Dylan Munro is fairly new to the scene in terms of his compatriots he now stands next to but has earned his stripes quite early on making a name for himself and bringing his own unique journey to various floors all over Cape Town. Dylan Munro is an artist that brings an assembly of sound inspirations that uplift the anima & touch one’s psyche. He tantalises those who have a lust for the space that lies between melodic house, deep techno, & electronica. He adapts to the energy of the dance floor, as well as the crowd he plays too, creating a surreal experience for his listeners. His ambient & esoteric track selection makes him an ideal act for keeping the pressure high on the dance floor. Dylan is apart of a collective named ‘KONA Music’ in Cape Town run by Triplefire Music founder, Ryan Sullivan & Techtris founder, Rodney Hanssen. He has supported both local & international performances at a range of underground venues in South Africa.

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Tell us about your influences in music.
First of all music itself has been one of my biggest influences in life. I used to listen to cassette taps on my parents hi-fi system or in their car when I was younger. I’ve always been exposed to a diverse range of genre through my family & friends. I also took music at school and seeing others perform was always an inspiration to me. I once saw a piano instructor playing a song in school assembly & in that moment I was inspired to learn how to play piano & to learn how to read music, so I did. Some would say I am easily influenced but I believe it is just me taking an interest in a creative field. Art of any form inspires me, I am a big fan of local painters and looking at their work just inspires me to get creative with whatever it is that I’m doing. Secondly the artists I surround myself with inspire me, whether they are DJ’s, producers, painters, musicians, graffiti artists, dancers. They all inspire me. I guess creativity and imagination is what inspires me most.

How did you end up in the world of electronic music?
When I was 14years old I was always that guy playing music at house parties or at gatherings, I just found a lover for creating an atmosphere. I also experimented with DAW’s like fruity loops and Cubase but just used to make random melodies and ambient music. I wanted to create something. I started mixing on my laptop and eventually managed to get some time on CDJ 450’s where I taught myself how to mix. I joined various musical extracurricular activities at school such as Choir and marimba, I would sometimes also play the djembe drum at home or for the choir. Not much happened electronically until I was 17years old but the time between 14 & 17 was great. I learned musical theory, how to make full use of my vocal chords, how to play numerous percussive instruments, as well as play piano. I was living in Johannesburg at the time when I was exposed to nightlife and clubbing culture. I saw Stimming play live at Truth, he was the first Artist I had ever seen performing live. I was speechless. The atmosphere he created was incredible. Throughout the evening I watched numerous locals throw down massive tunes & that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue music. I moved to Cape Town to enrol at Cape Audio College and study music production & during this time I started DJ’ing at numerous clubs and venues around Cape Town. Since then I have been performing and supporting huge local & international acts. I have been working on production as well as making myself familiar with DAWs such as Ableton Live. My goal is to eventually perform live.

What’s your preferred sound or the distinctive characteristics we can find in your music?
I was raised in Johannesburg & I grew up listening to a diverse range of sub-genre house music. I think that the percussive instruments I learned how to play also played a roll in the choice of my distinct sound. I love melodies & percussions. I try to incorporate both as much as possible to create journey & drive throughout my sets. I combine different elements from different sub-genres such as Afro House, Progressive House, Tribal House, & Melodic Techno. My goal is to create a surreal experience for my listeners by having a selection that brings out emotion. Synth melodies, ambient sounds, tribal percussions, shakers, side-chained baselines. All elements working together to create groove and a high-energy drive.

How does your (near) future look like, music-wise?
I am currently working on podcasts to try and wedge myself into the international music industry. I believe that releasing mixes in other countries will help me gain the exposure I need & also help my social media gain traction. I have recently invested in a studio set up at home & have been working on a few EP’s that I am hoping to release within this year. I’m looking at collaborating with local & international artists so I’m pretty excited for that, also working towards being signed under a form of management to help me secure bigger bookings locally and abroad. I consistently perform at numerous Venues & Night Clubs around Cape Town but I’m also looking to perform in Johannesburg & Durban soon.

What makes Cape Town so special to you?
Cape Town is just beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking, the creative and artistic side of Cape Town is also amazing. People share ideas, they collaborate, they help each other succeed. Imagination runs wild here & I love that the most. There are so many interesting people here & I would definitely recommend coming to Cape Town during the summer.

What can we expect from the mix you made?
The track selection was challenging, I wanted to find music that would have a consistent groove yet also a progression in energy. Starts off quite melodic with a lot of ambiences to build an atmosphere, like the first chapter in a book. It progresses and doesn’t stop until the last track where I mix back into a melodic and ambient sound to conclude the mix. I felt this mix so I hope you do too.

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