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Biorc delivers a mix for Tanzgemeinschaft

TGMS presents Biorc

Techno DJ based in Madrid, Spain. Focused on hypnotic, groove and melodic techno music, playing mental and long mixes adding some different samples to get more energized transitions between tracks that will make you travel through the bowels of Melodic Techno.

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Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?

I’m from Madrid, Spain. specifically in an area far from the city centre, surrounded by mountains and forests. Just being here makes me feel calm, being in an open space without noise or traffic.  It makes me enjoy the fresh air, friends and music in the field to another level.

When & how did you first get involved with music?

Since I was little, my father showed me electronic music tapes with sessions by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Laurent Garnier or Bjork.  This made my interest in electronic music grow.  On the other hand, my mother listened to vinyl from groups like Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Supertramp or Queen, which together made me become a music lover.
Then when I was 15 I started messing around with the computer with Virtual Dj and finally I bought my first turntables and started buying techno vinyl.

In your view, what were/are your biggest challenges?

My challenge has always been the world of sound, I have studied sound and now I am working as a sound technician in a dubbing studio.  I would like to become a great sound engineer and work doing sound design for great movies, in my own studio.  

On the other hand, my passion and hobby of DJing make that every day I seek to connect with the public and make a place for myself in the current scene of electronic music.

What inspires you?

Life inspires me, to enjoy, to make the people I love enjoy with my music.  Going out, drinking, laughing, travelling… spending time with my girlfriend and friends.  All these things make me wake up every day wanting to start new projects and share them with the world.

What makes you happy?

Realize that every step that I advance in my professional career is working.  Connect with the public in a gig and generate special energy.  Feedback from people who listen to me and see me on my social networks and share my passion with them.  

All these things make me really happy.

What can we expect from the mix you made?

With this DJ Set, you can expect everything except boredom.  It is designed to be enjoyed to the fullest from start to finish.  Starting with quieter tracks, and increasing the intensity as minutes go by.  Voices, giant synths, mental melodies, long mixes and samples.  All this is going to make you travel through the bowels of melodic techno and enjoy it.

The Knife – Silent Shout (Original Mix)
Dubspeeka – Primary K293
Mik Kartl  –  Tunnels (Helmut Dubnitzky Remix)
Several Definitions – Damatia (Original Mix)
Klunsh – Auf Den Start Warten (Original Mix)
Clavis – Camira (Original Mix) [Freerange Records]
Luttrell – Intergalactic Plastic (Bebetta Extended Remix)
Adana Twins – Jupiter (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) [Watergate Records]
Fairmont – Plastic Head Tv
Bayker & GHEIST – Howl (Original Mix)
Remcord – Koto (Original Mix)
Lexer – Felina (Original Mix)
Clavis – Rocket Dial (Original Mix)
Patrice Baumel – Engage
Rafael Cerato  – Exode (Original Mix)
Nikolay Kirov, Axis of Time – Thousand and one nights (Original mix) [EXE AUDIO]

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