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Timboletti unleashes pure magic on Acker Records

Timboletti unleashes pure magic on Acker Records

Just between us: Rumours have it that Timboletti escaped from a confetti factory in some faraway place and that he was on the road with a flea circus afterwards. And indeed, this story could well be true, if one discovers the artist’s colourful productions and mixes.

And that would explain why all those sepia-coloured scenes from exotic places appear before the inner eye of his listeners: With the steady, hypnotic rattle of a steam train in the background, they show sequences from the Middle East, South America, India, and from the infinite realms of Inner Space.

It’s this organic amalgamation of traditional, hand-played music and the digital functionality of House beats that makes Timboletti a very special DJ and producer. These days his new Potrems EP is released on Acker Records and he took some time to talk to us. So clear the ring for Timboletti.

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Hello Timboletti! First of all, thanks for taking the time for this interview. Hope you are doing alright?

I am not doing fine, to be honest, but I am ok. Aaaaalmost good even, and that’s actually quite something for how shitty and frustrating everything has been in the recent months (and still is), I guess 🙂

What skills/personal attributes are most important to be successful as a DJ and producer?

Ouhhh, well, after being unemployed for almost two years now I don’t know if I am the most qualified person to answer this, hehe, but I’ll try: Be honest, do what you love and love what you do, find your own way of expression. Dive into it deeeeeeply and just don’t give up. Get used to rejections and labels not answering your emails at first.

If no one wants to work with you in the beginning, then just do it yourself. Organize a party and play the music you love, start a label and release your own music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. If you are not a Mozart-like natural talent, then prepare to work a lot, if you really love it, then it won’t feel like work.

Set yourself some goals that feel crazy but are still reachable and go for it. Don’t be afraid of failing and falling and don’t expect to drive a fancy car.

How did it all start out for you and how did you evolve in sound, technology, etc?

Well, everything started more than twenty years ago. Back then I played Hip-hop on vinyl and produced some beats in FruityLoops, not knowing shit about anything. From there on a wild musical journey through reggae, dancehall, drum and bass/jungle finally led to the straight four and me discovering house and techno.

About the technology and such: I discovered the true value of good monitor-speakers way too late. And just last year I started to really prepare my studio with proper absorption and it made a huge difference. I started producing music just with software and quite often I still do so.

The only things I really really need are my monitor speakers, my laptop, Ableton and a good mood.

The only things I really really need are my monitor speakers, my laptop, Ableton and a good mood. Hardware is (expensive) fun though and leads to different, often very exciting results.

How would you describe your sound and style?

Hard to say as it constantly changes a bit and is quite diverse. Melodic, deep and groovy. Quite often I try to hit the golden sweet spot between sad and happy, spiced up with a fat kick, a nice baseline and topped with some grooves. Melodies here and there, bird sounds, ding dong…

When working on music is the dance floor always something you keep in mind? Or does a certain vibe or flow sometimes transcend that?

No, not at all. Most of the time I produce music like other people write diaries or maybe even go to therapy. The Potrems EP for example was not produced to hit the dance floor and crack the charts, it’s a collage of feelings translated into sounds.

Tell us about your most recent release “Potrems”? It’s a dope release with a great organic vibe and smooth groove. How did this one come together?

Thaaaanks 🙂 All of the tracks were born during the very strange and long summer of 2020. I produced around 10-15 songs that summer and later on started to check what’s worth releasing. One of the first labels I always think of is Acker/3000Grad.

All the tracks were born out of moods, playing around with a certain sample I found in a strange corner of the cyberwebs, or with some synth sounds I really liked that moment, and then I just see where it takes me. I add drums and sounds, tune this, pitch that, reverse another thing and eventually I think: Hey, that’s dope, that could be something.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing with your life?

I checked on that a few times already. In almost every parallel universe I have been so far I ended up doing music. Just once I was a gardener in southern France, once a mail-man in Tenerife and once I was running a small coffee/bakery place somewhere in the mountains.

I really don’t know. I actually studied communication design/photography but never really ended up working in this field. If this pandemic stays for another two years we will find out… Maybe I will finally start my retirement plan and create Europes craziest miniature-golf course.

Europe’s craziest miniature-golf course sounds great! What’s on your agenda for the upcoming months?

A little time off with my family in the sun to escape the utterly depressing grey and repetitive days in Germany. Besides of that the same like always: Whenever I have time off from taking care of my son I will continue to produce music.

New adventures will be to shoot some music videos and to produce a show for my magical percussion suitcases. Another EP is planned on my own label Copycow plus a couple of remixes spread out over the year. But, if I have learned one thing in the last months is not to have too much on the agenda and lower your expectations. Take care of your mental health.

I just hope the next summer will be a good one, with a lot of sun, beers with friends, maybe even grouphugs, who know, fingers crossed.

Thank you.

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