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Torsten Kanzler

Torsten Kanzler drops ‘Close Your Eyes’

Torsten Kanzler unleashes his latest EP, ‘Close Your Eyes’, on May 10th via Better With You Music. The legendary German Techno-maestro is back and what a comeback it is. Get ready to be swept away by this unstoppable force of German techno.

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‘Close Your Eyes’ is a testament to Kanzler’s unwavering commitment to Techno innovation. From the get-go, the pounding drum track grips listeners with a tight hold, while a haunting vocal loop gradually weaves its way into the mix like a distant memory of past raves. It’s when the synths kick through that ‘Close Your Eyes’ reveals its full force, commanding listeners to surrender themselves to the single’s hypnotic main part.

Followed by a well-earned break, ‘Close Your Eyes’ then erupts into a pulsating rave frenzy, unleashing a surge of adrenaline that courses through your every vein. This is techno in its purest form – raw, powerful, and truly exhilarating.

As the mind behind TK Records and with a wide array of EPs and electrifying live sets under his belt, ‘Der Kanzler’ (ger: chancellor) has consistently elevated the techno experience to ever new heights. Renowned for his immersive live performances, Torsten Kanzler has perfected the art of transporting his audience on a euphoric journey through pulsating beats and emotional melodies.

Born and raised in the vibrant techno hub of Berlin, Germany, Torsten Kanzler has been a key figure in the scene for over twenty years. His relentless Techno obsession and his drive to pushing its boundaries, both as a DJ and producer, has garnered his reputation as a true Techno pioneer.

With ‘Close Your Eyes’, Torsten Kanzler once again proves why he reigns supreme in the Techno realm, reminding us once again why he has been at the top of Techno innovation for the past 20 years.

‘Close Your Eyes’ is available now on all major streaming platforms!

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