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Cologne-based DJ & producer, Sharam Jay.

Touching base with Sharam Jey

International DJ, producer, remixer and multi-label owner Sharam Jey has been shaking up the world of dance music for over 2 decades already with his infectious and accessible dance-floor oriented grooves. Over the years, the Cologne-based Iran-born artist has racked up numerous accolades and achievements including releasing 3 acclaimed albums, having over 100 releases on some of dance music’s most established labels and amassing a remarkable remix resume of high profile artists.

Sharam Jey owes his success and longevity in the crazy space like dance music to his talent to push things forward and standing out from the crowd with his own unique brand of house music.

With continued support from key industry players, a busy tour diary and release schedule, Sharam Jey is on a roll and there’s no sign of one of the industry’s hardest workers stopping anytime soon. Hence the start of his new record label “Elly Fly”.

Enjoy the interview.

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Hey Sharam, we are almost at the end of 2019, with 2020 on our doorstep. How do you look back at the past 10 months? Highlights?
10 Months went quickly because I had been busy with productions I did for labels like Toolroom, Sola, Solotoko and of course for my own label Bunny Tiger. Plus my newest single is out now on Superfett (Mother Recordings) which I am really excited about.

Also, any lows to mention and how did you take the hurdle?
Luckily not really any lows. It was really a super-creative year for me.

How is Cologne these days? Love that city, although it’s been a while since I have visited that vibrant place.
Yes, the city is great. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time to go to clubs there. When I am not on tour, I need to work for my five labels, the Bunny Tiger clothing line and also I am busy taking care of my family and trying to be a good father. So quite busy times for me.

If we are not mistaken, you started a new record label “Elly Fly” earlier this year. What’s the story behind the label?
I was planning to start a fifth label almost two years ago. But as I wanted to do it right I took my time to work on the name and layouts and stuff like that. Also what sound will it feature etc.

So what is your aim and direction with this new label, especially when you are already running a successful one, “Bunny Tiger”?
We signed quite a few releases the last two years and haven’t been sure where to put that cause the sound was different than the ones we released on our other labels. So to start a new label came quite naturally.

Do you then focus on a specific sound or genre? Or make a distinction between the artists releasing on Elly Fly?
Yes, a 100%. That’s what makes it exciting. To have a different sound for the new label. We wanted to have a deep atmospheric and melodic sound. When you listen to the first release from Aiwaska which got huge support from Damian Lazarus, Audiofly, DJ Behrouz and Matthias Meyer you quite get a hint of the sound we want to present.

What is your process in signing up new artists? What do you look for? Maybe in relation to the 2 record labels.
With Bunny Tiger, we are focusing on our established artists and the output is really big with a lot of releases. Elly Fly is developing and so we are taking it a bit slower with that label.

On Elly Fly you have just released your third EP. A massive melodic house cut from SLS called Saudade. Talk us through this one. How did you pair up with SLS?
That was actually the very first release we signed two years ago. SLS had 1-2 releases on Bunny Tiger already. And with that one, “Saudade”, I thought it did not fit Bunny Tiger perfectly. And with Elly Fly we established a platform for that kind of sound.

What are some of the must-have skills and qualities from an artist you sign?
Productions are quite good these days due to technology everybody works with. So you need to hear that special bit of talent that someone has to make a production unique. That’s what I am looking for.

You need to hear that special bit of talent that someone has to make a production unique.

Artists you sign become part of the process. Besides delivering quality of your standards, what else do you expect from the artists you sign?
Oh, that’s actually the main thing we require, a great quality production. And the aforementioned talent you need to thrill us.

What’s planned for 2020? Do you already want to give us some insights?
We will, of course, continue to work on big tracks and releases. And touring. I love being on the road.

And the plans for Sharam Jey, you personally?
Surprise, surprise, I would say.

Thank you and keep up the great vibe.

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