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Trømmel – Hiatus. An ode to the liberation of the being.

Bit by bit, with a stable and determined step, the label Sungate consolidates its proposal. One that defends diverse and contemporary electronic music in which the artistic part acquires value thanks to the illustrator Abel Fdez, establishing itself in the path as one of the labels to take into account in the near future. After releases signed by Eduardo de la Calle, EQUAL and Echoplex it’s time for its fourth reference: Trømmel.

“Hiatus” is the name of this new EP and Trømmel its creator. Sergio García, born in Plasencia, Spain but for several years a resident of Madrid, is a renowned artist in the Spanish electronic music circuit. This splendid sounding release consists out of 5 original cuts. The EP is an ode to the liberation of the being, a deep concept that also materializes in the illustration, a unique piece of art. “Conciencia”, “Hiatus”, “Crisálida”, “Imago” and “Meta” match the different stages that every living being is forced to go through and together they appear to us as thoughts towards change, evolution and the invaluable opportunity to learn from mistakes. “Hiatus” urges us to take advantage of the time that we have ahead of us as an opportunity for development to be who we want to be and not necessarily who we were yesterday. But, to achieve the success it´s indispensable to have an absolute control over our subconscious and unconscious mind and here “Hiatus” plays a vital role.

A special mention goes to Gorka, who has been in charge of shaping to the introduction which allows us to sink into the perfect state to enjoy Trømmel’s “Hiatus” in all its splendour.

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