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Raphael Palmer, Tropical Twista Records label boss.

Dive into the sound depth of the new VA from Brazilian label Tropical Twista Records

On a real journey through natural soundscapes, the Brazilian label Tropical Twista presents its 6-year Anniversary VA

A label that breathes the cultural richness of Latin America. This is the essence of Brazilian Tropical Twista Records, which has built an identity that represents the region’s folklore plurality, valuing the multiple historical, ancestral and especially musical aspects of Latin countries.

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Run by Raphael Palmer, Tropical Twista made its name around the rhythms of Downtempo and Organic House, bringing together playful yet immersive atmospheres of tropical and native musicality. Connecting artists that exalt a distinct ethnic essence, the label’s catalog brings together over eighty releases that carry names like Ibu Selva, Gerra G, Cigarra, Kurup, Urubu Marinka, Ohxalá, Dandara, Alma Linda, Psilosamples, Sidirum and many other names of Downtempo and Chill Out worldwide.

Celebrating the 6th year of activities in the independent electronic music scene, the label presents a commemorative compilation of its trajectory, entitled V.A Tropical Twista 6 Anos. The album has over 20 tracks, signed by names that were part of the label’s history, as well as new names in the catalog.

Divided into two volumes, the first one released last month featuring 12 tracks, including names like Tha_Guts, Palma Dulce, Drendiela, Kadum & Thiago Pinheiro, Ibu Selva, Kurup, Nirso, Alamoa, Xico & Zero Bala Sounds, Forró Red Light, Shigara, and the label head Palmer. 

The second volume that has just been released, comes with 12 tracks featuring the artists Iru.Wav, Urubu Marinka, Numa Gama, Xique-Xique, Isadoser, Fortunato, Meraki, Kika Deeke, Yaguareté, AVGVSTVS, Craca and Entropia.

A real journey through natural soundscapes and organic musical roots, the compilation exudes the trustworthy essence of Tropical Twista’s brilliant trajectory.

Written by Ágatha Prado

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