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Trunkline – Exhale

Trunkline launches a banging Exhale EP

Madben & Yann Lean unite forces under the Trunkline moniker for their Exhale EP on “made of CONCRETE”.

Title track “Exhale” introduces a nervous soundscape through swelling side-chained 2-step drums in a dark, ominous ambience accented with glitched out, eerie pads. CYRK take on the standout cut, infusing dance appeal through punchy drums and a stripped down bassline.

On the flip side, “In Space” offers a heady, straight to the point slice of peak time techno. Creating hypnotising sequences seems to be Trunkline’s forte, a trait easily recognized on “Groove Dat Beat”, the final track of the EP and our premiere.

Distorted yet angelic vocals provide a refreshing contrast to the overall raw feel, rounding off the release in a compelling


With the Trunkline project, Madben & Yann Lean get back to the essence of techno with a raw sound based on groove, textures and catchy hooks. Influenced by 90’s rave sound et artists like Jeff Mills, Surgeon, DJ Pierre, Dave Clarke or DJ Funk the french producers like to write their music “on-the- fly” and are adepts of a very spontaneous track conception. With Trunkline they bring back the unique texture of analogic techno. The project has also take to the stage as a four deck DJ set and for few month with a “100% machine” live performance.

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In the highly pressurized climate floating over the great global dancefloor, the new generation of producers nourrishing its vitality carries within itself this sole duty: to be grateful enough of the pioneers’ work to deconstruct it. At this fancy game, Madben is one of the best. Enlightened guardian of the spirit of rave, executive for the fine abode Astropolis, we saw him play all over Europe, and in great festivals, like Marsatac, Piknic Elektronik, Panoramas, or Les Trans Musicales, not to mention his numerous incursions in the best labels of the Old World and his numerous remixes. Still, the hardest part had yet to come: being able to produce, and succeed in making his first album of a music that is hard to tame in the full-scope. Is “Frequence(s)” a techno album? Above all, it’s an album of a music that doesn’t refrain from anything. A stunning salvation way for this music, that deserves to stay young the longest possible, with Madben as one of its most relevant architects.

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Yann Lean

Yann Lean’s productions had the chance to be recognized and supported by major international names such as Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Dave Clark, John Digweed, Kink. The groove is the foundation of his musical approach. Influenced by the scenes of Chicago, Detroit, London, his ultimate goal is to touch the dancer within us. His first DJ sets were noticed by unrestrained energy, igniting the famous UBU in Rennes or the scene of Beau-Rivage during Astropolis Festival. Whether as a duo with “Trunkline” or solo, Yann Lean gets the confidence of prestigious labels such as KMS Records, Bedrock, Electronical Reeds, Brique Rouge, and Espaï.

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