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Trutopia - Lights off

Turning the Lights Off with Trutopia

Trutopia are one of London and Ibiza’s most exciting duos. The brothers deliver a fiery mix of classic, deep, electro house, championed by Pete Tong, Jaguar & more on BBC Radio 1.

After releases on labels including Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Records, Stress Records and millions of streams, the duo have amassed an army of passionate fans; including the likes of Gorgon City, for whom they opened for at Printworks this year. Back with renewed energy and a refined sound for 2022, their next release lands on the mighty Get Physical, a collaboration with Lithuanian-born, London-raised Ibiza resident Greta Levska.

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Thanks for talking to us today – how has the year been for you so far?

Our pleasure, thanks for having us. This year has been wicked, we’ve had some huge moments from playing starting the year off making our debut at Printworks London as well as an exciting run of shows across the summer, Amnesia Terrace being the highlight!

First of all, we want to get to know you “from the beginning”. How did your history with music begin?

Growing up as brothers we always bounced musical ideas back and forth even though we both flaunted with different genres of music. Kris on Drums, Ash on Guitar, which later turned into synths which led us more down the production route. It really came together when we found a mutual love in dance after moving to London and having such a thriving underground scene on our doorstep.

For you, what is the magic of music? The thing that makes it such a big part of your life?

We live for music, there’s not a day that we are not either making it or playing it. It also has such a huge social impact on our lives,. We would never have met some of our closest friends & work partners if it wasn’t for sharing the same interests in music & going to shows.

Tell us about your new single, Lights Off. How did the collab with Greta come about?

Our latest release “Lights Off” comes off the back of a whole load of inspiration stemming from spending so much time in Ibiza. We knew we had some shows lined up this season & we wanted something we felt had grit, would turn heads & connect. Greta was so wicked to work with, as a new artist she was open to experimenting with our more emotive sounds, as opposed to her broken “Ghetto house feels” we have heard her making in her studio. 

The track seems to evoke a nostalgic rave era, but still sounds very modern – was that the intention? 

Our sound has always had that nostalgic feeling, it’s not so intentional, more down to our influences.

Is it fair to say Lights Off represents a new direction for the Trutopia sound? 

Yes, we are progressing into a more mature sound, we like to think there is a lot more feeling in our production now & we are not focusing on anything else other than OUR sound. It’s also translating in our sets, creating more of an emotive journey at our shows.

Lights Off lands on the mighty Get Physical – that must have been a fantastic endorsement to get!   

It was a huge moment when we got the email back saying they were into lights off & we are so pleased the team at Get Physical are into what we are doing. To be part of a roster which includes some of our favourite producers inc DJ T, Roland Leesker, M.A.N.D.Y, Booka Shade & more feels this new direction we are developing towards seems to be getting the reaction we’d hoped for.

What does your current studio set up look like? Lots of hardware, or are you mainly ‘out of the box’ type producers?

At the moment we are in the process of building a studio in London & Ibiza as we are based in both places for each part of the year. Most of the records we are making at the moment are all done in the box, but we found solace in this as sometimes hardware can be a little long & we get a bit carried away jamming and having fun! We’ve been living off Roland Cloud & the latest Arturia VSTs which you’ll hear in most of our forthcoming releases, including Lights Off.

What is the best advice you ever received as an artist?

We’ve had a few wicked bits of advice over the years that have stuck with us coming from some of our closest friends in music which we admire. One of the best tips came from our friend TWilliams & it was just to simply “do your thing & don’t watch anyone else”.

What do you have coming up for the rest of 2022 and beyond?

Seeing this year out with our latest “Lights Off” on Get Physical, we’ve got some real exciting releases lined up for 2023 as we land back on Gorgon City’s Realm as well as a few new exciting partnerships to be announced.

Thanks for having us guys xx

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