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Brazilian artist Vini Pistori

Vini Pistori’s End Of The World

With an enviable frequency of releases, Brazilian Vini Pistori does not only surprise by the volume of releases but also by the quality. This quality increasingly arouses the interest of foreign record labels in relation to his work. Among them is Dantze, a German label founded in 2006 by the renowned Berlin DJ and producer Niconé, in partnership with Philip Bader. In less than a year, two of Vini’s EPs have been signed to the label. And now, “End Of The World” has been added to this list.

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“End Of The World” is recently released. In three tracks the EP delivers a deep dive through the waves of Indie Dance and Space Disco, classic signature sound of the artist. The journey begins with the title track, which honours its name by referring, through very intense synths, the chaotic energy of the end of the world.

Next, “Cnidaria” enters in a similar mood, full of futuristic elements, and transports us directly into a sci-fi plot. Closing the album is “Stranger Days”, mysterious and inciting, capable of provoking moments of tension and adrenaline surges. 

Article by Louise Lamin

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