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voodoo village 2022 was awesome

Voodoo Village lives up to its expectations

All over Europe, we are blessed with an electronic music scene that is booming and whose sub-genres are just as vast as its people. 

All of this could be found in the wonderfully organised Voodoo Village the past weekend. A boutique festival in Grimbergen, Belgium with the castle of Lunden as a backdrop.

Year after year they manage to get the best of all bests and make “experience” and “well-being” a priority. Best of all, we got to love amazing artists: Keinemusik, Robag Wrume, Kevin De Vries, Âme, Konstantin Sibold, Stavroz to name a few. But the list of great artists is long and it was hard to create a list of favourites to see this edition.

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It was a condensed richness of sound packed on a very nice field filled with music-loving people. Pure charm and intimacy.

Claudio Capo – Tanzgemeinschaft

The organisation created a new zone at the festival area, called The Oracle. The Oracle focused purely on balance and mental well-being. We skipped all this as we found our peace at the stage in the forest.

As we only went on Saturday our choice was easy to make. As said, the magical forest was all we needed for inner peace and amazing music. A perfect line-up was scheduled with Kink (live), DJ Koze, Keinemusic and Robag Wruhme. Nine hours of pure good mood and great vibes.

We did manage to sneak out of the forest, just to look around a bit. As the sun came out after a rainy morning, we got to see a part of an amazing Fedele’s set. Unfortunately, he could not keep us at that stage and we sneaked back into the forest.

The energy that comes out of the forest stage is simply, well we’ll say it again, magical.

Voodoo Village did not fail in its setup. As a celebration of rave culture, they did not disappoint at all. Hopefully, they keep it within these boundaries and don’t outgrow themselves.

As a celebration of rave culture, Voodoo Village did not disappoint at all.

Our program

Kink was planned for the early afternoon. But that did not stop this master from playing an energetic set. With a forest that was nearly half filled, the crowd liked what he was serving. Kink vibes by the likes of everyone attending.

The eclectic and ever versatile DJ Koze managed to attract some more people into the woods. We have never been disappointed by this great artist. We have seen him play many times and each time he’s like a wizard doing magic with music. A great atmosphere was created.

Then, a crew that was on our wish list for a very long time: seeing the Keinemusik crew perform. A setting sun made the forest a bit more mysterious with more people entering the woods. A massive positive energy and vibe was submerged. This all could be seen on the happy faces all around. Never ever seen a team (Rampa, &Me, Adam Port) having so much fun and playing whatever the crowd pleases. The Keinemusik vibe is real, almost a cult.

Last but not least, Robag Wruhme. We’ve seen him play in the forest last year when The Gardens of Babylon had their day at the festival (this year as well, but on Sunday). He adapts magically to the setting and pumps up the vibe like there is no other.

The saddest thing happened: the music stopped on the clock at 1 am.

See you next year at Voodoo Village.

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