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Istanbul-based artist Widerberg released his single Faded Memories

Widerberg’s Faded Memories

Istanbul born musician, Widerberg, who was in love with electronic music which he met at an early age, started his journey by preparing hip-hop music for his friends when he was 16. He learned guitar from his high school teacher. Cemre prefers to express his thoughts with his music that he can not fit into moulds. He produces his art for his passion during the day and for his dreams at night.

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Widerberg already has released quite some nice work, of which “Vera” was surely a fantastic highlight. But now there is a new fantastic journey to be discovered. “Faded Memories” is a very nice deep excursion with a melancholic touch.

This one is for those warm, lush sunset-friendly moments. When it involves a piano, we are all ears. This is a great melodic and rhythmic deep house groove from an artist who knows how to create music with plenty of warm harmonies.

Also available on Spotify.

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