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Interview with Wild & Kins

Wild & Kins talking about upcoming album

Wild & Kins from Germany are true high-flyers in the field of deep house and tech house. Their uncomplicated and straightforward production style and their enormously high-quality output make them an exciting act. After the first two singles of their soon-to-be-released album, we had a chat with them.

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Could you introduce us to your musical background? Are you classically trained in any

As a teenager, Chris has learned the Piano for some years, while Nic has gotten a little into playing the guitar. Nevertheless, due to the more classical approach to music by teachers, our motivation faded quite quickly. Nic started producing music by himself at the age of 16, while Chris got into production some years later.

Which were/are your biggest challenges regarding the production of music in your

The biggest challenge for us is finding enough time to create music in the studio. We both are working in different jobs, so spending time in the studio has become rare. Because of that, finalizing the album took us quite some time.

What was your motivation to get into production in the first place? And why did you two choose to lean towards electronic music?

We wanted to create these space-filling tunes, we did hear at clubs or at home. So our interest in how it works was huge from the very beginning. Actually, we started by producing Hip-Hop Beats. Later, we realized the endless opportunities in producing electronic music.

Can you tell us about your equipment in the studio? Do you have any favourites that you used a lot on the upcoming album and your new single?

We use a lot of software Plugins (e.g. Omnisphere, Izotope Plugins, Native Instruments Massive, Valhalla VintageVerb) but also Hardware like drum machines or effects for our productions. For example, the track „Human Nature“ was made with layered and cutted sounds  of the Prophet Rev2 by Dave Smith (legendary engineer, who unfortunately died this year – R.I.P.), which provides the melodic base for the track.

Now, that the album has been recorded and is going to be released soon, something that has been such a personal project for quite some time, how do you feel?

Of course, it is a great relief after working on this for such a long time. We are really happy with the outcoming of the tracks and the artwork by Samboo Design. Everything fits together super nicely like we imagined it to be. So now, we can invest all of our energy into new projects or songs.

What can we expect from Wild & Kins during the next months?

First of all the album will finally be released on the 7th of October 2022. After this, we are publishing a remix EP of the upcoming album with friends of ours. So the releases for our label Sweed Music are already stacking up.

On top of that, parties and festivals are starting again, so we are going to play some gigs in the next couple of weeks. We are really looking forward to this after some time off.

Thank you.

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