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Alex Ferrer talks about his Deeplomatic Recordings

Alex Ferrer talks about Deeplomatic Records

Alex Ferrer is a DJ/Producer & Label Manager of Deeplomatic Recordings, and has become one of Spain’s finest exports in House Music. Alex has been related to the music industry since his early teens, emerging from a background of House and Garage and been heavily influenced by an upbringing of Latin, Funk, Disco and Soul, he has since featured on a mammoth list of DJ line-ups, radio shows, flyers and music releases. His diverse quality sound and distinctive image ensure a dedicated following wherever he plays.

With an addiction to music, travel and party, he has played in over 45 countries, obtaining a big scope of electronica in general, and house music in particular.

We are here to talk about his label, Deeplomatic Recordings.

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KOMPAKT Records’ label head Michael Mayer recently gave a clear view of how he sees the role of a record label: “Labels still serve as a dearly needed filter mechanism in this tsunami of music we’re facing every day.” What’s your thought about this?
Totally true, couldn’t agree more with Michael. Without labels, it would be really difficult to listen and filter all of the music that is being released nowadays. That´s why A&R is so important in the music industry.

Tell us about the mission and vision of Deeplomatic Recordings?
Deeplomatic Recordings was born in London, United Kingdom in late 2013 with the idea of unifying some of the best artists of the scene into one label, and promote House Music internationally. The idea was to become one of the most prolific House labels worldwide, releasing music from some of the top stalwarts in the industry and creating stunning parties in the most iconic places.

Has your vision for the label changed much since it started out? What would the mission statement be today?
The original vision hasn´t changed, dedication and hard-work has made for more opportunities and faster growth than we initially planned when starting out.

How did it all come together? What was the spark that set the fire to start a record label?
I have always loved disco/funky and house music. Rick Wade, Terrence Parker, Gene Hunt and Jesse Saunders were some of the first DJs that inspired me, they were some of the original creators of house music, and therefore some of the first artists we signed on Deeplomatic.

I was working as a diplomat for the Spanish government, that gave me access to frequent worldwide traveling, giving me the opportunity to attend all sorts of events and festivals, one day I decided it was time to change the bureaucrats for legendary house producers and we came up with the label name to tribute it to my former career.

Any key moments and/or releases that have played a pivotal role in the success of the label?
As mentioned in the previous question, for me it was really important to release music from the artist that inspired me to be in this industry in the first place. It was also a key point introducing the label in a strong manner which helped achieve success in a short timeframe.

What releases on the label are you proudest of?
Well, at the end of last year we released our 100th release, only after 5 years on existence, with a compilation album of the best artist on the label. This has definitely been the highlight for me thus far.

Who are some of the up-and-comers on the label at the moment? 
Mystik Vybe, this guy is going to become huge, great production and DJ-ing skills all-around.

Is there anyone you wished you’d had on the label but missed out?
Hunee, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak….

Flipping this around, is there anyone you were sure would make it, but didn’t?
There are actually so many parts that go into “making it” that I don´t like to predict anything off of their music. The artist’s work ethic and the team they surround themselves with is a big factor in that equation.

Looking at the artists, what do you expect from them in your story?
The key factor is creating amazing music, then everything else will be built around it.

What are some of the must-haves that you look for in an artist?
Only one word needed: perseverance

What next releases have you planned in the (near) future?
About to release a single in May alongside my good friend Jaime O’Connor, including remixes from Chris Carrier and Paco Buggin, one not to be missed!

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