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Amsterdam Dance Event presents: RESONATE

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s biggest club festival and conference for electronic music, launches a unique short documentary that reflects on today’s global electronic music movement together with inspirational artists and leading industry professionals.

Do have a look as it is one great piece of inspiration. A fantastic perception of electronic music and the industry today.

For us it was our first ADE, while ADE celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Where the hell have we been the past 19 years? I can’t explain the experience, you need to live it. You meet so many great people, artists, promoters, … . You hear so much great music. We have been to the Sonar festival a zillion times. Also a fantastic experience not to miss, but ADE is different. The organisation, the attention for every detail, the city that acts as one. Amsterdam is united for a week, and ADE makes it all happen. We where overwhelmed.

The documentary
Based on five themes, the documentary takes the audience on a short journey exploring the creation, innovation, collaboration, consumption and celebration of electronic music with the ADE as a backdrop. What inspires and drives artists, producers and audience? Where does this joint passion come from? What innovations and collaborations do they see in gear, software, show elements, visuals and sound techniques? How has the consumption of music in general changed over the past two decades?

Asking if technology allows people with no talent to create is the same excuse that a guitar player said to me 25 years ago – Richie Hawtin

I want Ableton to be able to play video files … coz … why not? – Kölsch

Together with leading producers such as Joris Voorn, KiNK, Armin van Buuren, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Don Diablo, Dave Clarke, Tommie Sunshine, innovators Dave Smith, Matthew Adell, Shaleindra Singh, Chris Howe and many others RESONATE dives into the world of electronic music.

About the ADE
Over the last 20 years ADE has become the leading platform for the international dance scene. It is the place ‘par excellence’ to identify the latest business practices and the freshest musical trends, ranging from emerging talents through to the most recent work of electronic music’s pioneers and superstars.

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It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

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