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Baime, raised by a shared loved of electronic music

Two guys high on the music waiting to crash land on the shores of your subconscious

Meet the Copenhagen-based duo Baime, a duo operating within the melodic techno/progressive house scene. Baime is the duo formed out of Mikael Melander and Jens Christian Nørgaard, raised by a shared loved of electronic music and the desire to share that joy with the world.

The duo met for the first time at Sonar in 2015. The official partnership starteda year later after DJing and working together in the studio a few times. Their unique take on the melodic techno aesthetic has seen them soar the Beatport charts and secure themselves festival and club gigs across Europe. Their live show marries hardware know-how and gyrating rhythms with floating pads and scintillating synths creating show-stopping performances and crowd-pleasing e-moments.

Time for a chat!!

Copenhagen-based duo, Baime

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When did you two first meet? How long till you made music?
Mikael: 4 years ago on Facebook, I heard about Blindfold Recordings and found out who was behind. Then we finally met at some Q&A with Kölsch during Sonar Denmark.
Jens: It didn’t take more than maybe 1 month before we eventually ended up for a studio session. DJing also came super quickly and as we had fun djing together it became a regular occurrence.

A year later the Baime project was officially up and running and we premiered it to the world as support for Adana Twins when they visited Copenhagen. Mikael joined Blindfold Recordings a year after that.

You often make melodic stuff – why do you love melody so much? Where does that come from?
Mikael: My intro to music actually started with playing the flute in school and then later I learned to play the guitar and have actually played in a band for a while. The standard DJ story but I think that the melodic stuff comes from the guitar experience jamming with the band just being used to playing around and trying different things out.
Jens: I have been all over the place but generally, my introduction to electronic music came through trance in the late 90s so I suppose it has sort of evolved over time.

Tell us about your upcoming release on Blindfold Recordings – what inspired it?
Baime: This one has a special place in our hearts because it is the rest of the tracks from our live set from Roskilde Festival last year. When these are out, the circle is complete for the live set tracks. The sound of the EP is a bit different from the other Baime tracks, this one is more bombastic and dark maybe even Techno at some points, made for the late hours at a big Festival.

Baime’s “Metius” EP is out on 9th August on Blindfold Recordings. Pre-order it here:

I believe you have been road testing the tunes on it for a while – do you edit them much during that process?
Mikael: I think that we found out that the tracks worked really well when we played them in the live set so there has only been added some percussion element and some fills for the final releases

How was it playing live at Roskilde last year, in front of 3000 people? Did you get nervous?
Mikael: I thought that I would be really nervous but when we got there I couldn’t feel anything. When we went on stage it was just like a crazy party just more concentrated. Overall it’s just a crazy feeling standing there in front of that many people playing your own stuff for them and seeing them go nuts 🙂
Jens: I have sort of the same experience as Mikael but I suppose that having practised the live set for over 6 months gave a bit of confidence. That all evaporated when we went backstage and it was dark and had to set up the whole thing. Once we went on stage it was just the biggest rush you can imagine. Still, I get goosebumps seeing the live video from the show.


Is it possible to read a crowd that big, do you even try?
Mikael: I would say it is but this was a bit different because we had already made the setlist from home, but the live set was more or less build the same way as we would play a Dj set energy-wise I would say.
Jens: It was structured sort of like going on a rollercoaster ride. If you don’t like the ride then you are screwed. Both of us have +20 years experience djing so I think that also helped shape the live set. The tracks were created in the 6 months coming up to the actual show. This was indeed a baptism for both of us.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
Mikael & Jens: We are releasing with Watergate Records for the first time on the 26th of August. That is really big for us and then I think we are looking forward to playing at ADE this year for Plaisirs Sonores at Bar Feijoa on Wednesday the 16th of October. Hope you don’t mind us plugging a bit.

What hopes and goals and dreams do you still have for your music careers?
Mikael & Jens: Goals I would say that we can always get better at what we are doing and of course it’s a goal to take the Baime project to the next level and make it even more international and bigger.

Thank you!

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