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Deeparture’s thrilling Altitude

Buckle up for our new premiere as this is a thrill ride. Amsterdam-based artist Deeparture comes with a really nice release. This one is a hands-up, smile-from-ear-to-ear, funky & wobbly cut we are showcasing.

The EP ‘Altitude’ is a package of 2 originals and one melo, tripped-out trance-esk interpretation by Lily Pita, from who we had a premiere a while ago. The title track ‘Altitude’ is well-produced lively and melodic affair. Hard to stand still as this is pleasingly groovy dancefloor-oriented material. You will see smiles and only smiles with this one pumping through the speakers. Good vibes!!

So close your eyes and picture yourself flying through clouds with a cotton candy coloured horizon.

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