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Tanzgemeinschaft | 24/04/2018

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TGMS Podcasts

TGMS Future Stars #18: Paul Matta

23/04/2018 |

Paul Matta, a starter DJ living in Montreal, always had a curious mind. Music has helped shape him into the person he is today. His passion only continues to grow, dedicating his time to growing his knowledge on music, he … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #17: Claudio Polizzotto

08/04/2018 |

Next edition in our TGMS Future Stars series comes from Italian talent Claudio Polizzotto.

He started not so long ago with his musical career but what has age got to do with it. There is no limit! With influences from … Read More

Techno music resident, Monophaze

03/04/2018 |

The saga continues

2017 is already far behind us and 2018 is already up to speed. At least for us, it is. The first month of this year started with 1 guest mix, 5 future stars mixes, 12 premieres and … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #16: Avalon

02/04/2018 |

Here we go with our 16th edition in our Future Stars series. This one comes from the Paris-based artist called Avalon. Together with her brother, she forms the collective, Darkko.

They focus on the combination of art and electronic music … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #15: ^L_

25/03/2018 |

Up next in our Future Stars Series is Luis Fernando aka ^L_. He brings us a live recorded techno mix with mostly tracks of his own. Hailing from Brasilia, Brazil, he tries to conquer the world with his own style … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #14: BinaryFunction

18/03/2018 |

UK-based producer and DJ, BinaryFunction, is no novice to the scene. Feet on the ground, still he is a dreamer and so passionate about music one can’t imagine. The mix he made is 99% work from Siamese Records. Damn nice … Read More

Interview: Miri Floores about her passion for music

11/03/2018 |

Miri Floores is a talented artist with a passion for techno music.

Miri Floores was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, moved to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, where she continues to pursue her creative vision – creating music that combines … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #12: Indieveed

03/03/2018 |

Power from Ukraine

Indieveed is a talented producer from Ukraine and differentiates himself from others for not being afraid to experiment, thereby creating his own individual sound. He is definitely a representative of the younger Ukrainian electronic underground generation. Behind … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #11: Thales Boutroumlis

25/02/2018 |

Next up in our Future Stars series is Cologne-based talent Thales Boutroumlis. Already our 11th mix and yet again something special. What’s even more special is that Thales managed to play at Burning Man this year.

But now back to … Read More

De Kunstenaar live recording

18/02/2018 |

When music is in your bones and music is your passion, you can do magic. This man knows how to juggle with music. Name a style or genre and he pulls a mix out of his hat. Awesome skill.

Today … Read More