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Off Night Promotes their latest release in our interview.

In conversation with Off Night

Off Night is an electronic duo hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. They first met 6 years ago whilst they were cutting their teeth behind the decks as club residents in Kiev. After playing alongside each other for many years they decided to combine their efforts and created the project Off Night.

Inspired by the sounds coming 80s they have continued to carve their path in the dance music landscape. With their first release already being supported by the legendary Pete Tong on his BBC Radio 1 show, and industry heavyweights Sascha Braemer and Oliver Schories agreeing to remix the track, this duo looks to have a seriously bright future ahead.

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Hey guys, welcome to Tanzgemeinschaft! Great to speak to you. Hows things?

Hello, we are great thank you. Currently working in our studio on new music. We’ve got loads of new tracks coming soon.

How are things looking in Ukraine at the moment? Is there any movement towards live music restarting?

Slowly we are getting back to normal. Ukraine has moved into a green zone and many festivals that were postponed from last year will finally happen.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Suspended In Air’ which has been really well received! What was it like being the first to release on the new label?

Thank you, that was our plan to release first single on our own label and it worked great. We have received amazing support from all around the world, DJs, blogs, Radio. We couldn’t be happier with where we are at for our young project. 

You’ve already had support from Pete Tong, one of the biggest names in dance music. How does it feel to have your music being recognised by the likes of him already?

It is the dream of any musician to be supported by such a legend as Pete. It is very inspiring and stimulates us to go on to bigger and better things. 

Remix-wise there’s two absolute gems on there in the form of reworks from Sascha Braemer & Oliver Schories, how did that package come together?

Yes, the remixes came out very different, but each contributed his own vision in his own way. We have been following Sascha & Oliver for a long time and have been playing their tracks. So first of all, we wrote to them and are very glad that they agreed to remix the track.

The legendary voice of Robert Owens is a big talking point on the release, how rewarding was it to officially get him on board?

Initially, when we were working on this track, we accidentally tried one of Robert’s samples and realized that it was his voice that suited us perfectly. We contacted him and it was amazing that he agreed to collab with us. 

What’s the story there? Ukraine to Chicago is a huge linkup!

Robert is a true Chicago house legend and the “voice of house music”. It was always a dream to work with him since we just started listening to house music. 

Any other dream collaborations for future releases?

For now, we already have a track with a very talented vocalist from Canada, Elly Ball ..That’s all we can tell you at the moment. 

Talking of influences, are there any other influences on ‘Suspended In Air’, or the rest of your production for that matter?

“Suspended in Air” is the organic balance between melodic house and indie dance. This is the genre that we like and in which we want to develop as artists and as musicians. And for sure we have a big influence from the sound of the 80s, we think you can hear it in our music.

Off Night’s “Suspended in Air” is available to stream and purchase here –

It’s always interesting finding out more about duos, how did you guys come to work with each other?

We first met a long time ago, about 6 years ago and worked together in one of the clubs in Kiev. We were playing a lot together and therefore, we decided to combine our efforts, started making music together and in 2020 created a project OFF NIGHT.

How do you split things up in the studio? Is it generally 50/50 or do you both specialise in certain areas?

We work together all the time, but Oleg is more the “groove guy” and Max is responsible for melodic parts and mixing.

With no club circuit as such to road test tunes, how’ve you found the creative process during COVID?

Before we started producing music we were DJing for many years so we know what works on the floor, yes sometimes it’s hard to release music without “road testing” tunes, but we still managed to play few gigs here and there and were able to try out our tracks. Lockdown times, in general, gave us more time to work in the studio on new music, so we are not struggling there.

Have you found any records during lockdown that you’re dying to play out when clubs re-open?

We never stopped looking for new music, we regularly receive promos from different artists and labels. Therefore, for us was not a big problem. We would like to note that even in lockdown there was a lot of good material that we are looking forward to playing, and actually, since lockdown is over in Ukraine we are playing already 😉

What are your favourite records to open and close a night with?

Röyksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)

Audiojack x Jem Cooke – Feels Good (Patrice Bäumel Remix)

What’ve you got coming up that you can tell us about? Or is it all a secret for now?

We will release our long-awaited track “RUN” in July, which got so much great feedback already and we decided not to wait any longer and release it now on our label. Keep an eye on it. It’s a great prime-time banger. 😉

Thank you.

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