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Dario Reimann

Interview: Dario Reimann about his debut on Pressure Traxx

Dario Reimann’s debut album, “Dario’s Castle”, is soon to be released on Einzelkind’s Pressure Traxx label. Dario’s first solo release in several years, it is filled back to front with fantastic music and is a testament to the high quality that he and Pressure Traxx each put out.

“Dario’s Castle” will be the second Pressure Traxx release of 2018, having already released the “Scale” split EP between Martyné and Jacob Chenaux, and Bodin. We were lucky to able to ask Dario some questions about his musical past, how he started producing techno and much more.

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What is your favourite place to perform and why?
Robert Johnson. Still, the place to be. It is just such an important club for the whole scene in my area and it is always special to play there. The sound is great but I also love the vibe of unusual unofficial locations and there are some more great clubs for sure.

Can you remember your first performance? How did it go?
I think it was in 2009. It was in the basement floor of a recording studio in Darmstadt after some bands had played. One of my best friends (Esoteric Workshop) and me synchronized our laptops and mixed some of our tracks with tracks we liked. We just wanted to try them all out and have a party. The people had fun and we had fun.

Do you have any horror stories from your early days of performing?
No, I can’t remember one true horror story. The worst thing that happened to me was one year ago when I tried to put the needle on a rare and expensive record, which was one of my favourites. I scratched through the whole track instead.

What is your first musical memory?
I guess it was my mother singing to me “Der Mond ist aufgegangen”, when it was bedtime. I must have been very young. Thank you Mama, good choice!

And when I was in Chile with my parents for two months in 1992 we always saw the same group of indigo street musicians playing in the city. My father brought tapes and some cheap typical instruments home to Germany and I played them for fun sometimes. Also, I remember singing some freestyle-fake-Spanish-Indian-songs while sitting on the toilet.

What was the track or album that made you decide that is what you wanted to do?
There was not that one album or track, rather my first forbidden outdoor rave party in Darmstadt that blew my mind. It was my first real techno party at all. A day later I tried to do such a techno track myself. I was already producing hip-hop beats for some years, but at that point, it changed more and more to electronic music.

What release of your own are you most proud of?
My first EP on Sensual. I still get good feedback on it. And the album for sure!

What other DJ’s/producers are impressing you lately?
Schweineprinz aka Porco Rosso aka Sir Benni Steil, a young guy living in Frankfurt. When I first met him in 2015 he told me he thinks producing is not his thing and now he made some really insane killer tracks that made me think: damn, that must be true talent!

What has been your favourite track of the year so far?
Not a track but a whole 2×12″: Turning Man – Destination Body. Almost every track is a killer.

What advice would you give to any DJ’s/producers starting out?
Stay true to and believe in yourself!

Dario Reimann’s debut LP, Dario’s Castle, is out May on Einzelkind’s Pressure Traxx label

For more information on Dario, be sure to check his Facebook here

For more information on Einzelkind, be sure to check his Facebook and his Soundcloud page here. Einzelkind plays Cocoon at fabric on 4th May alongside Sven Väth, Dana Ruh, Tim Green and more.

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