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Interview & guest mix: CLiVe bringing it on!

We caught up with Italian producer, DJ, label manager, do-it-all CLiVe to talk about past, present and future. But more about his recent releases and his own record label he started not so long ago. Not only does he now run his own label, he is also a partner of AudioHell Department. We recently had an interview with Mr. AudioHell himself to talk about his China tour. Reading all this, it mis be a real fun place to work. Even more, it must be a special place for artists to sign.

While we were at it, CliVe, took the time to make us a guest mix. Oh yes, we love people like this. This is how PR is done. Showcase yourself in the best possible way. Down-to-Earth, hard work. So we hope you’ll enjoy the mix and the interview.

Hey there. Congrats with the fresh release on Digital Traffik! It’s massive. Love the solid deep basslines. Want to tell us a bit about ‘Going back / Mambo café’?
Hello and thanks for the congrats, and for the interview. It’s a pleasure. ‘Going Back’ and ‘Mambo Cafè’ are two tracks with a mood and touch that represents my last thoughts about underground music. In the past I’ve always searched for quality music in my productions; so for this, I was always in need of musicians and a great and long musical research. But these days, the world of production is very quick and I always need to be present. So for my latest release I wanted to create a powerful groove and a good musical melody. This is what you hear on ‘Mambo Cafè’ and ‘Going Back’. Two quality dancefloor-oriented tracks.

Why did you decide to release it on the label you work for?
Our group WeTraffik ( is a great group. The group members are all closely involved with the decision making and discussing the difficulties that arise when working with a producer. Every day we take a moment to talk. For example: a vinyl with 4 tracks was made (Mambo Cafè included). When this record was ready, we wanted a remix for each of the tracks. For ‘Mambo Cafè’ we decided to look for a good track with the same power but not with a new remix. Only recently I made ‘Going Back’. That track was a perfect feeling for a unique release with Mambo Cafè. A good collaboration between colleagues leads to nice results.

We recently had a chat with your colleague AudioHell about his China Tour and the label. How is it to work for this great record label?
I’m very excited. With AudioHell it is a great, friendly and personal collaboration. We were friends long before we started a company. It’s fantastic to work with him and with all the family. I’m a quiet person, I’m not an arrogant and jealous man. So you will harldy see me jump for joy at the office when making a good decission about a release or when we have a charts climbing track. This is my me and my colleagues know me for this. We have improved from one year ago but the road is still very long. The China and Asia markets in general are the future for music. In our country the clubs have totally disappeared and for our music genre the East is the way to go and next step, I feel.

What’s the story behind your record label, ‘Cliveland’? What was the trigger that made you start your own record label? Conflict in interests with AudioHell Department or want to have control over the music that interests you most?
It was simply a necessity. Digital Traffik or AudioHell Department can’t release all the music of CLiVe and AudioHell alone. We came up with a solution, especially when you know that a lot of record labels are full of demo submission. The timeframe for a normal release is one year. So we’ve created a label for each of the members. There aren’t any conflicts. We are in constant collaboration as mentioned earlier. We exchange remixes and artists. I think probably it’s an improvement for all the company. After the first release every label has found the fans than submitted the demos and the labels are not only for owner’s releases.

Only recently you released Tribälism Bøys’ Criminals EP on your own label. Also congrats for that as it is getting massive support already from quite some respected names. What’s the story with those talents?
I’m really happy with this collaboration. Tribalism Boys is a nice surprise. The best of 2 worlds, two friends born in two different nations (Germany/Italy) but who share the same passion for music.

The guys are very professional and the track “Criminal” for me was very good. Step by step the collaboration was released and a little after a remix. Initially I wasn’t very excited tu use Obama’s voice but it turned out to be very well. I am not a fan of introducing politics into my music. I don’t like artists to get politically involved either.

How do you see your label evolving? What’s the direction you are heading with Cliveland?
Well, it’s difficult to look into the future. It’s a small label at the moment. For now it’s a good opportunity to promote myself and finding a way to release my music. As I said before, it’s hard to get a relase on another labels bacause of the many demo’s and own productions. My genre is Deep House. I sincerely love a lot of other genres and I could produce some work within these genres. MAybe I will do so in the future under another name. I already did this in the past.

Is there any particular artists who you would sign without thinking?
Yes, yes there are, but my label is too small to receive production from those kind of artists. In any case if I receive a pack from German Brigante, Henrick Schwartz , Todd Terje or some other artists I’ll upload the pack without listening to the music!!!!!

What do you find most challenging about the music business? As a DJ, producer and label owner?
Maybe being the DJ. I think if you make great productions the gigs will follow.

What exciting news do you have in the works for the coming months? New releases on your label, on Digital Traffik, yourself?
On Digital Traffik the forthcoming releases will be from the following artists: Alexandar Ivkovic, Marco Effe, Neverdogs. With Cliveland, I started an exiting collaboration with a super talented musician and producer Knarly Knob (great person). For myself I signed a second release on King Street Sound and I’m very proud of it.

Who should be on our radar music-wise — who is getting you really excited?
At this moment, Lee Foss probably is the man.

If you could solve one major problem in the world today – what would it be and why?
Important question. Less politics and more music. Why? Because nowadays behind everything there is a political reason and the money spent is ruining a lot of things. It should be better spend.

Thank you for your time
Thank you too

CLiVe’s ‘Mambo Cafe / Going Back’ is out now on Digital Traffik
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