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Linus Quick - true friends

Interview: Linus Quick about True Friends

Linus Quick returns with deep and punchy techno on True Friends

It hasn’t even been a year since Linus Quick’s last Longplayer release. The Offenburg-based DJ and producer now returns with his new album, brimming over with deep and punchy techno. An energetic declaration of love to intensive and at the same time intelligent techno, boxed in ten almost surreal impulsive tracks. Linus Quick mingles endorphin-drenched drum-arrangements with epic synthesizer arpeggios producing a permanent sense-massaging sound.

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It’s been a little while since your last album – what has changed since then musically?
With my last album “Bring the Light” I focussed on tunes that would work well with my live sets. After that album, I played more DJ sets and put the live act aside. As a result, other artists caught my attention and that inspired me to play other artist’s music. And I had the chance to work more conceptually, because I didn’t play only my own music. My new album “True Friends” is definitely a concept album, the first of its kind I’ve ever done.

What kind of sound did you want to incorporate in the album, “True Friends”?
I wanted a minimalistic, melodic and pushing sound.

How much time did you put into the tracks overall?
It took me about a whole year, from the initial idea to the completed product.

How did you dissolve blockades in the studio? Or don’t you even know such a thing?
I’ve actually never had something like blockades. But that doesn’t mean that everything is going smoothly, but I always manage to realize my ideas somehow.

Did you test the tracks out live during the developing process?
Of course, that’s how I decided which ones I want to take on the album! At first, I had a selection of around 20 tracks which I had to narrow down to ten. Ten tracks is a good amount for an album, I guess…

Which studio tool, hard- or software, is mainly represented on your album?
The Arturia Minimoog, AudioRealism Bass Line 3 and 909 Drum Samples, that’s all!

Thank you!

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