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Interview: from Spain with love, Nuria Ghia

We love down-to-earth artists. Especially when they have a trajectory of almost 2 decades and spreading the love via their passion for music. We are pleased to have had a moment with this fantastic versatile female DJ & producer from Spain. Nuria Ghia, being on top of the Spanish electronic music scene, breathes techno music, lives techno music and is a busy bee with lots of plan for the near future and beyond.

We asked her about her plans, her passion for music, her collaboration with Gaston Zani on “No Sense” and so much more. Nuria Ghia is just an amazing talent, well received by critics, DJs and producers across the scene, and now she took the time to sit down with us. It is a real honor having her here on our platform. Enjoy the interview!

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Nuria Ghia

Hello Nuria,

How are you doing these days?
NG: Hi, first of all, thanks for the interview. On these days I’ve been working hard in my studio preparing new remixes and original tracks. It has been also intensive days because of the recent release on Intec Digital receiving requests for interviews and other issues on media (Radio3, etc.).

TGMS: We are glad you took the time for us as well! Appreciated.

You are a true veteran with already 17 years of experience in the music scene. How do you keep up?
NG: For me, music is not only a job, it forms part of me and I dedicate the time and respect to it that it deserves. I think that the secret to keep up on is being always oneself, not falling into fashion, being constant, enterprising, having illusion, creating your own sound, dedicating time and passion, being authentic, being evolutionary (technologically) being honest, always giving the best of oneself and making very clear that a DJ without the public is nobody.

What are the biggest changes you have seen that had an impact on you as a DJ and as a producer?
NG: The biggest change that has had an impact on my way to live the music has been the step from the analog system (decks, etc.) to the digital world with other devices (programs, controllers, etc.) especially to produce because I keep playing with decks and timecode. At the beginning of my career music was selected in vinyl shops and there was a “ritual” (going to shops, listening and making your own collection). Now, you can buy music being at home and all tracks are in the computer or pen drives. When I started to produce it was more common to use the hardware with real synths while now it’s more common to use the digital/virtual devices and software. To summarize, the biggest change has been the impact of the digital world.

Any personal impacts? It must be quite demanding for an artist to be working intensively like you do. Gigs, producing, running a label, …
NG: It demands a very intensive way of life and requires maximum delivery of oneself. But it’s my passion and nothing can stop me, I’m always full of illusion and energy. I search to evolve, to grow up, to learn new tools … and music gives me the energy that I need to face an intense life full of experiences, trips, adventures, and thanks to it I get to know public from different places in the world. I do sports and I’m vegan, I think both styles of life help me to be strong and always ready. 😉 Sometimes you can feel a bit tired after flights but listening to music changes everything and the energy returns.

I search to evolve, to grow up, to learn new tools … and music gives me the energy that I need to face an intense life full of experiences, trips, adventures, and thanks to it I get to know public from different places in the world.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – friends, family, …?
NG: You should be very organized and also assume that the most likely thing is that because of work you won’t be able to share important events (birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s eve, etc.) with your family and friends. But this goes into the pack of being a DJ and it’s not a problem for me. Although sometimes I would like that the days would have 48 hours, and not only 24 … 😉

If not music, what would be the chosen alternate career for you?
NG: I did an advertising and public relations degree at university due to the fact that I wanted some profession where you could be creative. But, during the third year, I realized that I didn’t feel complete and it was when I started my DJ career. I´m also an animal rights activist so everything related to this would be my choice (vegan restaurant, an animal photographer, save whales, create a foundation, work in a sanctuary or any other job where I could help animals to have a voice). Music and animals are my passions, they´re my life.

What about your childhood was unique and has most contributed to the adult/artist you’ve become?
NG: Music has been always a priority in my life. No one in my family is an artist, only my brother Oscar Faura (3 years older than me) who is director of photography for really big movies. When I was a child I had many fantasies in my mind and I wanted to be creative in the future but I didn’t know that a great world was expecting me: THE MUSIC. When I was in school I loved the music subject and I was always in contact with it (I listened to music every time) but nothing special in my childhood marked my artistic future. It has been magic find my vocation without searching it.

Let’s move on to your recent techno stomper ‘No Sense’ on which you collaborated with Gaston Zani. It’s your debut on Carl Cox Intec digital imprint. What are your expectations?
NG: Carl Cox and Jon Rundell count with all my respect since I started being a DJ. I admire them for their amazing contribution to the electronic and techno scene and for the big label they own. It’s very important in my career to release on Intec Digital. It’s a dream come true and a recognition to my daily work. And it’s also Gaston Zani’s one. My expectations are to keep launching music on this and other great labels, that DJs play and support my music and me growing up and learning every day till infinity. 😉

My expectations are to keep launching music on this and other great labels, that DJs play and support my music and me growing up and learning every day till infinity.

Maybe you want to tell us a bit about the collaboration with Gaston and how did you both manage the production of the EP?
NG: Of course I want to. Gaston and I met each other because of the music (he made a remix for my own label BlueCube Records and I made another for his label Addeepted). We realized that we had many affinities on music and in person so we decided to make some tracks together. After working some weeks without stopping we finished 4 tracks, 2 of them have been recently released on Intec (“No Sense” and “Uncoded”). We will keep working together in future collaborations, it will be a pleasure. 😉

To us, this release feels like on knock on the head. Grabbing you by the throat from the first note. What do you want your audience to feel when playing your music?
NG: What I intend with my music is to create feelings or emotions to my audience. My tracks always contain atmospheres, voices, effects, synths or something more than a simple base. This track intends to make people vibrate on the dancefloor, to get them crazy as the title “No Sense” implies. This track includes a main sound made with a synth, a trip for the audience which grows up and down till it “exploits”. “No Sense” intends to create a high state of energy for the audience and it contains tons of Gaston and myself strength and illusion.

Is there a specific message you want to pass with the title of the release?
NG: Gaston and I were working on this track and one day we mixed different sounds that combined created somewhat a crazy state and we found the most appropriate title. They were sounds that only together had a special sense for us and that was just what we were searching. It was simply great to work on this track, I loved this experience and I have a great memory of us working excited on it. I guess this is the feeling that this track transmits to the audience.

2017 is nearing its end. Time goes fast! What have you planned for this year and the year to come that you can tell us about?
NG: I have planned a South American tour (starting in México) and other gigs in Spain/Europe, a special release of remixes on my label BlueCube records on Christmas and some tracks on other labels before 2018. And also, some podcasts for the radio.

I have planned a South American tour (starting in México) and other gigs in Spain/Europe.

TGMS: Don’t forget to breathe. 🙂

Any new things expected on your own record label ‘BlueCube Records’?
NG: Yes, I’m preparing a special that will be released on Christmas and I´m working on new tracks that will be released on 2018. It will be an important year for the label counting on consolidated artists and also newcomers with great talent.

Someone just said that the world will end in 30 mins during your DJ set, what would be your last 4 tracks?
1 – Abfahrt – A – Come Into My Life (S.M.I.L.E. Version)
2 – Michael Mayer – Pride is Weaker than Love (Speicher 2)
3 – Johannes Heil – From Within (KNM)
4 – New Order – Crystal (Get Ready Album)

Can you explain us something more personal about Nuria Ghia? Hobbies, lifestyle.
NG: Something very important in my personal life is that I am vegan and I do not consume animals and derivatives, nor fur or cosmetics tested on animals, etc. I think my heart was already born vegan. I felt a “click” in my mind and in my heart more than 13 years ago when I started to see the animals as an alive creature instead of food. I realized that they’re siblings, not food, they’re our friends with their own feelings that want to live free. We can perfectly live without eating animals, we can live 100% healthy without costing anyone´s life that wanted to live. I´m also an animal rights activist, I want to give them a voice and I collaborate godfathering some of them and being a volunteer in sanctuaries, shelters, etc. I have 3 adopted cats and it’s one of the best decisions I´ve ever made in my life. Regarding my hobbies, I like sports and discover a world of vegan delight in cooking, especially Mexican cuisine.

Thank you so much!
NG: Thank you very much Tanzgemeinschaft staff and to the readers for your time!!

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