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Lunar Plane – Crescense (UYSR019)

We wrote a review about their debut EP ‘Take-off’ last year in June and loved the deep and dark sound they produce. Only recently, Lunar Plane dropped their long-awaited debut album ‘Crescense’ via the great Underyourskin imprint. Seven tracks that will skin the flesh from your bones with their deep intoxicating beat and dark menacing synths patterns.

Some of the track were used in a fantastic podcast they made for Kentaur a while ago. In this podcast ‘Manazan’, ‘Joker’ & ‘Dark knight’ were featured. Back then we were told they would be released on separate EP’s but the weren’t. We are glad they saved them for their debut album. Staying true to their deep tech house sound, the album is filled with dark synth sounds, great percussion and haunting rhythms.

If your into the dark side of deep tech house with a lean groove this album is sure one to add to your collection.

‘Joker’ and ‘Dark Knight’ are there for your dance floor comfort to shuffle your trainers in the dark while waiting for the sub woofer to splinter.

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