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Mario Bianco releases YUZ on Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

Mario Bianco releases YUZ on Do Not Sit on the Furniture

Mario Bianco: remember the name. A man who’s been quietly doing his thing for some time now. The Naples native is really beginning to find his flow of late thanks to a string of stunning releases, the latest of which arrives via Behrouz’s always on-point Do Not Sit.

A man with a clever knack for creating captivating tunes, Mario Bianco’s is a sound that neatly fits in with Do Not Sit’s penchant for charismatic, floaty house and techno. The “YUZ” EP encapsulates this vibe quite expertly and showcases the sounds of a producer we’re already looking forward to hearing much more from over the ensuing next while.

Here’s what went down when we put some choice questions past the man himself recently. Nice one, Mario! 

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How are you, are you having a more normal summer this year?

I’m very good actually. Hope it will be a peaceful summer for everyone.

Have you started playing again post lockdowns? What’s it been like? The vibes, the big tunes?

In reality, there was a minimum return, the emotions came back like a boomerang and it seemed like nothing had changed…with people, music and everything amplified to the nth degree.

When making music do you do it with your own DJ sets in mind? Is that how you work in your head?

When I make music I, first of all, do it without thinking about anything … then I make it thinking about people and then I make it thinking about when I could play it.

And what are your favourite sets, what setting, what time, what size of crowd?

I love to play at least for 6 hours when possible … to create my space, have my times, lead a few or many people by the hand on a journey.

How did you come to work without Do Not Sit on the Furniture? Did the label boss give feedback on the new ep, or just let you do what you want?

It all happened “by chance” and I was very happy. Behrouz called me, I sent him the EP and it all started like that. I’m really happy to work with a master like Behrouz that I have followed since I was a kid.

One track is a collaboration with Polose – how did you hook up, why was he the right collaborator? Did you work online or in real life?

Polose (Paolo Sessa) is one of the best Italian keyboard players as well as a great friend with whom I have been working for years and we have always had a great spiritual harmony. Three Thoughts was one track we were working on together for a while in the studio. 

And when making music, what are your aims, what sounds are you most fond of, what is the aim of your tunes?

My main goal is to feel free with music and pass it on to people, I like to think that anyone who listens to one of my tracks recognizes it for its uniqueness and makes it what they want most.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

I have a lot of new music I’m working on and a lot more coming out during this and the next year. All productions to which I’m very attached but in particular to one that is my remix of a popular classic song from my city to be released in the coming months.

What was the last record you bought and why?

The last vinyl that I bought was Frankey & Sandrino “& Hope”. I was fascinated by the care with which it was produced and the quality of the sound with which they treated this last work and in general, I have been following them for a long time and they always give me great emotions. 

Thank you

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