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Middelar - Uryko

Middelar’s sensational Uryko. Melodic deep grooves.

At the end of last year we came across this fantastic young Spanish record label called iLogic. iLogic is a project that aims to explore the intersections between technology, art and electronic music. Call it a sensory journey through the most careful electronic music related spectrum of the art. They have a real knack for the artist they select to work with. All great talents with a real passion for music like Di Rugerio or Town of Mind to name a few.

Last year we got to interview the guys to find out about how they run their record label. One of the three co-founders, Mario, who goes under the moniker Middelar also knows how to produce some fantastic dark and melodic techno.

Middelar drops a remarkable EP on iLogic

Middelar will release his EP on his own label. It’s a superb sounding journey containing two tracks with unique names: ‘Uryko’ & ”Ymaro’. We must not forget to ask him where he got those from. Must have special meaning.

‘Uryko’ is something for the senses. Close your eyes and let it come to you. Opening with a rhythmic sound, being pulled in by a vibe that breathes shaman voodoo, synths that will take you to a higher atmosphere. Very hypnotizing. You’ll wake up on the count of 3. But you’ll get back in the same state of mind when hearing ‘Ymaro’. A seduction for the inner mind, a little more uptempo. We definetely let us seduce by this track.

Middelar’s ‘Ymaro’ will be released on February 13. Stay tuned.

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