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Town of Mind - Isang

Town of Mind – Isang. Deep groove with a thumping bassline.

A little while we had a very nice chat with the guys from iLogic label. Creative spirits doing great things of which one is releasing very nice music. Not so long ago we noticed a remix release for Town of Mind’s Isang. Wee were pretty much dazzled by the great melodic sound, we had to look for the originals as well.

Town of Mind is a combo based in Madrid and producing deep techno music. They have a pretty distinctive sound, which is nice.

Town of Mind – Isang

The original release of Isang contains 2 rusty progressive cuts. Tracks are called ‘Isang’ & ‘Moonlight Drive’ and are a sweet exercise in deepness with a thumping bassline. The two tracks are very nice & rich organic grooves ready for the dancefloor.

Town of Mind – Isang Part II

Isang Part II contain 2 remixes. Spanish producer, Ioan Gamboa, strikes with a take on the original of ‘Isang’. Deep melodic & uplifting rhythms and a more spacious atmosphere will take you to the moon and back.

Belgian artists Max Cue uses a charming approach with his gleeful melodic remix of ‘Moonlight Drive’. Feels like summer is always near. This remix will surely work on your hips.

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