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We need cracks

We Need Cracks – Alpha Hour (TRAUM V195)

We are fashionably late with our review of this great new release from W.N.C.aka We Need Cracks. Following their debut EP “Geometryka” (2013) and the consecutive EPs “Windrose” (2014) and “Paper Mill” (2015), comes “Alpha Hour”. A mystical journey created by the members Antoine Rigail and Fabien Garciaby. This one is also released on the fantastic Cologne based Traum Schallplatten imprint.

When you’ve heard the other EPs you can hear they are paving the musical journey in the same direction but with some extra flair. It’s a powerful energetic production with great melodic tech house. Tune in to grab that feeling.

“Alpha Hour” contains no less than 4 originals and 3 sublime remixes.

Opening with “Cloud Runner”, a dreamy soundscape. A deep synth laden sound, slow, making your hips slowly move to the beat. Perfect music to open great nights. “Delta Lab” on the hand feels more powerful. Opening with a sound of whiplashes and a very deep voice it slowly builds up to a a very nice deep house dance track. You can feel WNC is out for seduction. With this one they open that pathway from the bar to the dance floor.

The third original is called “Nimbe” and sounds slightly different than the other 2. A warm glow and a a deep groove with meandering rhythms make this a very nice melodic deep house cut. Encompassing chords & simplistic keys will take you on a mystical journey. Very refreshing and melodic!

The journey ends with “Contemplative Dream”. The name is perfectly chosen as “Alpha Hour” really is meditative & conceptual. This one feels like a walk in a gigantic flower field. This one if for lovers!

One of the remixes come from Henning Richter who is part of ModVlar and who also remixed Hannes Rasmus’s “Kleinste Teilchen” on Traum. He worked on “Cloud Runner” and made a very nice deep house version of the already stunning original.

Joel Forsberg and Kai Meyer are both new on Traum. Both have made a phenomenal remix of “Cloud Runner” as well. They take you deeper into the dreamscape.

Don’t hold back and grab your copy or first tune in to get seduced:

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