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Soulfeed - Souflful session

New long awaited tune by Soulfeed sounds great

Ever since they’ve released ‘Kind of Yellow‘ we became a fan of Soulfeed. That EP already dates back from a year ago but still is a recommended release you all should listen to. A warm and deep sound. The next EP ‘Snow Ball’ for us felt like it was released in a hurry. Great tracks but it felt a bit cold. They’ve probably been working hard on their own label ‘Take Away Music’ and maybe got influenced by other music from the label.

But now they are back with a new EP called ‘Blaze’. It’s a single track EP with two remixes. One by the hands of GruuvElement’s and the other by Dechapter‘s label owner Gabriel Rocha aka DJ PP.

We must say we are happy the guys from Soulfeed took the time to produce their new drop. Probably they had set tight confines in their studio which they could not cross before this one was finished. ‘Blaze’ has again that warm deep feeling that you could hear on ‘Kind of Mellow’. This heat glowing mass of sound is all-encompassing and overwhelming. We just love it.

GruuvElement’s take on the track adds a little more cachet. Having this uplifting beat & rhythm it feels like they’ve created a tension between the straight, controlled kicks and the loose waves of shoe-gaze style textures. Also this track, although it is a remix, gives us that sumptuousness of being in the middle of a warm summer night out dancing in open air.

Gabriel Rocha’s remix is all sliced up, speed up and making your feet move faster and faster.

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