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PHCK – The Storms of Yucatán (Chris Ojeda Remix)

Let’s kick-start this year on New Year’s day with another sublime release from Submarine Vibes. We get to showcase a sublime melodic groove from PHCK’s upcoming remix release.

Submarine Vibes proudly presents a brand new remix release. This time, it’s Mayan EP by the German trio, PHCK (All Day I Dream, Connaisseur Recordings). After releasing their EP on Submarine Vibes they noted a significant success and progress in their music career.

Connect with PHCK: Soundcloud | Facebook
Connect with Chris Ojeda: Soundcloud | Facebook

Between the time of releasing the Mayan EP and the release of its remixed edition, PHCK had signed for All Day I Dream, a well-known label that gave their tracks the much-deserved exposition by bringing them to the ears of music lovers around the globe.

The Mayan Remixes

For this remix edition, Submarine Vibes invited different artists with uniquely different styles to make their own interpretations of the tracks from the Mayan EP. These artist had their take: Chris Ojeda (SOSO / Magian on Duty), Martin Kremser (Diynamic Music / Einmusika), George X (Get Weird / Nurvous Records) and Ramiro Rossotti (Magician on Duty / Lump Records).

All of the remixes kept the spirit of the original tracks. All the while introducing new elements in the form of melodies, synths, arps, and rhythms.

These remixes you will be hearing in the clubs near you in no time!

For those who have still not listened to the original Mayan EP (released on Submarine Vibes in April of 2017), we strongly recommend you to check it out.

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