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Tanzgemeinschaft | 22/06/2018

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Premiere: Daniel Boon – Juno

Daniel Boon
Claudio Capo

Berliner Daniel Boon, famous for his events in and around techno capital Berlin, is about to drop a new pumping groove. His EP ‘Julio’ contains 2 originals and 2 remixes. Daniel is backed by Kuukou label chief Simina Grigoriu and techno veteran Torsten Kanzler. Call it the techno elites on one release.

Expect no less than an energy-driven techno with an immense sturdy bassline, heavy sub bass and morphing grooves. We get to premiere ‘Juno’, one of the two originals called. Compared to ‘Julio’ this track has a more progressive approach with its spacey electronic approach.

‘Juno’ is all about mysterious synths, dark textures, an insane bassline and streamlined arrangements causing a high-energy effect.

Connect with Daniel Boon: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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