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Premiere: TAPE – TAPE1 (O.D.Math remix)

Take shelter. Incoming artillery! This one will stir up the dance floor without a doubt. Belgian DJ & producer TAPE makes his impressive debut with “TAKE1” on the sublime Belgian record label, Electronical Reeds. With this stunning EP, they also celebrate 50th release on the label.

TAPE delivers a track full of deep rolling groove, smooth Arpeggio waves and a catchy bassline. Our premiere, coming from O.D.MATH is a sensational groove. He puts the focus on the synth melodies and highlights the track with great atmosphere, additional spoken word sample and 4-to-the-floor aesthetic.

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Always on the cutting edge with the latest releases, infusing his sets with retro tracks and unexpected gems, O.D.Math has grown fast as a DJ in the traditional definition of the term. Meanwhile, he found residency in several electronic music collectives including Play Label, Borderline Corp and Electronical Reeds. We recently had an interview with this master. Check it out and tune in to the fantastic guest mix that came along.

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