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Viginti Tres - Vimana

Premiere: Viginti Tres – Vimana (Elum Remix)

Two Italian creative talents Raffaele D’Ascanio and Andrea Calandra joined forces to create this stunning project called Viginti Tres. Last year they dropped their debut, a quite dark & haunting journey ‘Initiato’ on Astrophone Records.

We had an interview with this duo to talk about the release and record label. Check it out in case you’ve missed it.

A few months after, Viginto Tres is back with new work: “Vimana”. The title relates to the mythological flying palaces or chariots described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. (

It’s a techno track that ranges from the 90’s atmospheres just like the myth of Vimana. The mood is very deep, with acidic echoes moving frantically on analog bass. The structure has very short drops and an incessant groove from beginning to end. The main subject is an original vocal sample taken from the 1962 Mercury-Atlas mission and is perfectly linked to the sound of the track.

The remix of Elum preserves many sounds of the original so as not to lose the magical atmosphere of the song, working a lot on the rhythmic structure and the secondary sounds can give back its personal touch fresh and perfect for the dancefloor.

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