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Soulfeed – Snow Ball (PPM88)

Soulfeed – Snow Ball

Since we’ve heard the fantastic ‘Kind of Mellow‘ Soulfeed unleashed upon us in the spring of this year we are true fans. Elad and Oren both are electronic music devotees. True passion for their own music, style and record label. Mid June they also made a great podcast with a very nice selection of their favorite tracks. Do listen when there is time.

Now only recently they’ve released a new EP called ‘Snow Ball’. It’s still fressh, so go and get it »

The new EP contains one original mix and 2 remixes. One from Demian Muller and one from Alvaro Smart. Demian also just released his ‘EMO‘ EP on Soulfeed’s label Take Away Music.

Soulfeed both by name and sound take care of a deep and organic athmosphere. They know exactly which effects and sounds to use while constructing their deep groove and organic melodies. Not only on ‘Kind of Mellow’ but also on this new release ‘Snow Ball’.

The original mix ‘Snow Ball’ is a very energetic and rhythmic track with a hynotising voice. Very nice and deep bass loop making this original one that gets you to higher grounds.

Demian Muller adds an extra layer on top. His on rhytmic touch creates an excellent remix and reforms the original in his own style.

Alvaro Smart adds some breaks and cuts. Another voice sample and new elements make this an very catchy interpretation of the original.

Listen to the original here:

Track list:

  1. Snow Ball (original mix)
  2. Snow Ball (Demian Muller Remix)
  3. Snow Ball (Alvaro Smart Remix)

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