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TGMS Future Stars: Zalat

TGMS Future Stars #06: Zalat

Next up in our Future Stars series is Karim Zalat. He is not new, here at Tanzgemeinschaft as he made us a stunning previous mix last year. We are glad he is offered to prepare us a new musical journey.

His weapons remain the same as last time: deep melodic techno and progressive house boosted with a lot of energy. So tune in and enjoy.

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Don’t forget to tune into the sublime mix Zalat made us last year. Find it on Soundcloud »

01- Sebastien Leger – Dida
02- Kiwi – Amityville (Dj Tennis remix)
03- Fideles – Cerchio
04- Mulya – Brick Talks
05- Karmon – Major Minor
06- Yotto – Isolation
07- Super Flu – Skorr (Cioz Remix)
08- Newman (Nyc) – The Sky And The Earth
09- Joseph Ashworth – Carmine (Jonas Rathsman Remix)

Zalat in short

Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
I am from Cairo, Egypt and have never lived anywhere else. And when it comes to inspiration, I believe that I am very lucky to have been inspired all these years by such a beautiful place that nothing I can say does it any justice anyways. However, if I must state only a few things that I find inspiring about here then I think one of the things must be the authenticity of the city. Cairo has a unique civilization, a unique smell, and even a unique sound; everything that is Egyptian is very authentic like the inevitable cup of tea we all enjoy in the street coffee shop every night, or the random Oud player wondering the streets between the coffee shops in the middle of the nights. I can guarantee for any musician or artist or writer who comes to Cairo that they will be inspired by its authenticity.

Another thing that inspires me is all the empty spaces, traveling in Egypt by car or by train is by far one of the most beautiful journeys an artist can ever experience. Whichever city you are travelling to you will have to pass by a huge beautiful and empty desert or along the shore of sea, or between mountains. And in all cases, I have never passed by any of these beautiful sceneries for hours without going back home with an inspired idea for a new music piece and a sense of serenity that I can seek nowhere else. And above all of this, Cairo never sleeps, whether its sunrise or sunset or midnight, in Cairo, every time is a good time for a new idea.

Describe yourself in three words.
Intuitive, Perfectionist, and Patient.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
I have always believed that electronic music is about the littlest of details in life. And as a very detail-oriented person, I find myself making music in my head from the samples and loops all around us in every day’s life; from the crowd of people’s gabbles, or from the noisy yet rhythmic car horns in a traffic jam, or the wind whistles coming from window cracks, and even the neighbor’s leaky tap. I believe that these little details make electronic music what it is today. As the population grows, and the rhythm of life gets faster and the noise is louder, someone needs to bring something beautiful out of these noises.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
I have to say, I am in awe and gratitude to so many artists that made me passionate about this field however a few of those have directly influenced my music. Listening to Daft Punk engraved an idea in my head when making my music which is the combination of the old school music with the sound of the future.

Also, I believe I am influenced by Above and Beyond because of their uniqueness and smart publicity techniques and their very sophisticated elegance. Another artist I am influenced by is Lane 8, by simply proving that Less is More. And from his very simple yet amazing tracks, he made a breakthrough in his field in no time.

On top, movie soundtracks and TV show tracks have influenced me by being so fit for the story, in this line I believe I have been influenced by Hans Zimmer and John Powell

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
Mainly solid deep tech tunes. Focused on melodies and progressions with smooth transitions. I believe that it is a mix that will take you through a unique journey for the ears.

Any news to share regarding upcoming work or gigs?
I am currently working on the final touches on my debut EP, which are two melodic deep tech tracks.

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