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Aurelis Zon

TGMS Future Stars #107: Aurelius Zon

With productions at prominent labels in the melodic electronic scene like Traum Schallplatten and Iboga Records, Colombian born and Madrid based Producer, Live Performer, and Label Owner Aurelius Zon touches in equal parts Melodic Techno & Electronica.

Transcendental and storytelling vibes are felt when Aurelius Zon´s music is playing where dreamy emotional melodies, deep atmospheres, and ethnical influences converge into a very emotive soundscape with a characteristic depth in sound.

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Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?

When people normally ask me about this, being honest I really don’t have a direct response. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but I now live in Madrid, Spain. I also have roots in the USA and Germany. So with all these wide influences I could say that I am a global western hemisphere citizen.

I find Madrid very inspirational, I deeply love this place. It is my favourite city in the world, so I am definitely very grateful to be able to live here where I feel an indescribable magical vibe. Musically and from a personal point of view, Madrid has a positive impact that is tremendous. I have also lived for sixteen years in Colombia’s capital Bogotá, as well as at some short but frequent periods in the Andean countryside.

I enjoy a lot to be in touch with nature and animals without having any real distractions therefore I can totally focus on my projects surrounded by wildlife and peace. However, nowadays I see my life in Madrid.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?

Although I grew up playing the violin and listening to tons of classical music which my mother collected for me. I started listening to electronic music when I was 10 or 11 in the glorious EDM times. I remember going to school every morning with the bus radio playing those big hits from Nicky Romero and Avicii, and despite today I am light years away from that style, at the very beginning, those tunes motivated me to dive into music production. Some months after I started listening to electronic music, my parents gave me, my first computer (which I used for making music until the past year) so I started to play with loops in Garage Band, afterwards, just a few months later I switched to Ableton Live when I started to make more serious progress. The evolution to underground electronic music was a pretty natural process directly correlated with different periods of my life.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?

Tremendously, as a multicultural person I appreciate hugely each new story, each new world that arrives in my life, I try to maximize the enjoyment of the present, the here and now, the magic of being and feeling alive. Something that makes us unique as human beings, is the capacity to feel and signify emotions, and there is nothing better to evoke emotions than music, listening and even making music for me is a mystical experience that goes beyond pure rationality, I try during the writing process to let the emotions flow in an exercise of total expression. I just do what I love and this is why inspiration and creativity can circulate; Ambient, Classical, Jazz and Ethnic/Tribal influenced music are my main source of inspirations. Furthermore, the Swedish duo Minilogue has generated a big impact on me, they are who really made me love underground electronic music. It was around early 2014 when I already had released some mainstream tracks and I discovered the video “As Humans as Possible” published by Ableton which totally changed my vision of electronic music.

How do you see your future within the electronic music scene?

I think – as in many aspects of life – it is much more relevant what you do, instead of what you say. A lot of coherence is missing nowadays; empty speaking is something really easy and extended, unfortunately most of the time words don’t have correlation with the reality or facts. I prefer to let my music and work communicate on my behalf and project my future naturally. 😉

What can we expect from the mix you made us?

A diverse landscape through the world of emotional, tribal, organic electronic music; This podcast features many soulful and unreleased tunes by admired artists for whom I feel a strong connection. It also includes my latest single just published by Traum Schallplatten as well as a remix I made for Nasca. Many of the artists included in this podcast will be part of a very important project I have curated and will be announced during next spring. 

Any news to share regarding upcoming work?

Of course, there are a lot of great exciting news coming! As mentioned before, over the past months I have been curating a compilation coming out soon on my label Uzons Records. It properly showcases the kind of sound that I enjoy, and I am looking for on my label, this V.A album contains tracks from collages like Dan Bay, Shunus, Serkan Elles, Nasca, Darper, Dan Baber, Stephane Salerno and many more. On the other hand, shortly will be released a new remix I made for Enui, a Lisbon-based producer who is getting really strong, it is coming on February 5th via his label Camphor Laurel.

Additionally, I have a bunch of other upcoming projects confirmed; from music production tutorials to singles and even gigs, so I am pretty happy how everything is flowing.

Thank you.

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