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Prodcer Tia-Mellow is about to release his album "Memories"

Tia-Mellow talks through his future plans

Tia-Mellow is being labelled as a “mysterious Italian producer”. And although he’s keeping his identity close to his chest, his music really does tell its own story. Layered with captivating vibes throughout, he showcases a unique way of working that spans numerous genres and is hard to adequately define. Which, of course, is most definitely a good thing.

Although he confesses that his other aliases tend to revolve around a tech-house and techno palette, this latest release, the quality “2016” is one that takes the breath away in fairly emphatic fashion. Indeed, with an album on the way, it also serves up a rich insight into what we’re hoping will be much more of the same.

In his first-ever interview, we grabbed him for 10 minutes, as he talked us through his future plans for the alias and what’s to come for him in 2021….

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How are you, has lockdown affected you? Have you learnt new skills, or taken the time to relax?

Yeah, I learned a lot of new skills, I’ve been watching a lot of masterclasses online to improve my skill. There is always a need to improve on production!

Do you feel the music industry needs a shake up like the pandemic to get things straight a bit?

I think the music industry needs a lot of help because everything is still closed. Whether it needed a shake-up as you mentioned is a tougher question.

How hard has it been to come up with much without connecting with crowds during DJ sets and going dancing?

For me it is still really hard, I miss a lot the vibes of the clubs, and the gigs as well.This is a part of my life, like so many other people’s. But best to wait until the situation improves I feel.

Your sound as Tia-Mellow is quite a brilliant and unique one. How would you sum it up yourself?

Good question! Well, I always try to mix all my influences during the production of my music. My music is a mix of downtempo, dub, lo-fi with a lot of techno and acid house. But I suggest you try it for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

Who are your biggest inspirations around this project? And why do they inspire you so much?

My biggest inspiration is Bibio. For me he is like a God, his music is fantastic. I keep listening to all his vinyl records every day to understand which kind of instrument he uses and witch effects.

You’re based in London now but are from Italy, right? What’s been your favourite musical memory of being in London over the past few years?

My best memory is for sure the Four Tet gig at Alexandra Palace. It was a fantastic concert with a crowd of at least 3000 people on the dancefloor. It was a kind of dream.

How do you approach making music? Can you tell us a bit about your production setup?

I don’t have a standard approach with my production. My first step is to always find the right vibes with some background effect which I usually record with my Tascam. After that start building the track.

Can you tell us a bit about the first time you experienced Downtempo House music? Was it always something you wanted to get involved in?

Yeah, I’ve always been passionate about this kind of music, and I’m always going to feel this music in my blood.

With your own sounds, what do you do to make them stick out a bit from the average?

I always try to find a unique sound, and I’m always trying to go out of the average and be more underground.

Your latest track is out via your own label, the brilliant 2016. Can you tell us a bit about that one?

Is a really strange track, is a mix of Downtempo and House music, with heavy bass and kick, I always try to mix a lot and I things 2016 is a good example.

Where does this release stand against your other work under other aliases? Is it one you’re very proud of?

I’m so proud of both project to be honest but there is a long way to go.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to? Can we look forward to a Tia-Mellow LP also?

Yeah of course! The end of December or maybe the first week of January will be my first vinyl LP, “Memories”, which I am obviously really excited about. Stay tuned!

Thank you!

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