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Interview with Darksidevinyl

Touching base with Darksidevinyl

Gaining international fame with his deep melodic releases on respected labels as there are Monaberry, Selador, Dear Deer, Kingstreet and more, Darksidevinyl has made quite a name for himself. His deep and driving sound architecture are reaching out to an overgrowing global audience.

So he sure is one hot export product coming from the depths of Russia. Darksidevinyl excites music lovers and dancers with his special blend of Afro House, and Progressive and groovy melodic techno sets.

Find out what he has to say about his fresh release, his work on Leisure Music Productions and his prediction for when we will be dancing in clubs again.

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How are you, how has the year been so far?

Hi, I am doing really well. This year started on a really high note and really successful. I was able to sign on fantastic labels and reached the top charts with both of my EP releases.

Furthermore, I am concentrating on my productions. I am also handling all A&R for Leisure Music Productions. We had a huge success with the Black Circle Vol 2 V/A release on our label, where I put my energy and soul into it. 

What has kept you motivated and active during the pandemic?

My motivation is my passion and that means the music never stops for me. With production or also as a DJ. My label partner Inessa and me keep each other motivated by launching new ideas and products that bring more success to the label. We recently relaunched our website offering Mix and Mastering, Dj School and Electronic Music Production. My day to day life is really full with tasks and I am growing on a personal as well as professional level. 

The pandemic has had a huge impact on many artists I know. Many of them had to take on other jobs in order to survive.  I am helping people I know in these hard times, with my technical knowledge of music production in order to bring people together. 

How will it change dance music if and when it returns do you think? 

I think that this pandemic will have a significant impact on the dance music scene. Things will never be the same and I think new ways will be established for artists to present their work. We can already observe that the “music experience” is now streamed through online events. There will be in my opinion a mixture in the future of off and online events. Meaning a hybrid concept will be maintained and established, although I have to say the real club experience can never be fully met in the digital world. It misses the essential part of meeting new people, being able to touch and smell.

The real club experience can never be fully met in the digital world. It misses the essential part of meeting new people, being able to touch and smell.

How good it was to go to an underground and just smell the music? 🙂 

I think until there has been a global solution for this pandemic, the parties will happen outdoors in summer times or in places where there are outdoor possibilities. Otherwise, I think we will go back to “normal” in 2022. 

How did you first get into dance music? What was your roots in, the labels and sounds and so on?

I was 15 years old and travelled to Charm el Sheikh where I started playing in small clubs. After 3 years I was resident Dj in Pacha, Hardrock Cafe and Buddha Bar. 

Due to the fact that I am Egyptian, my roots are African so its my sound. I am deeply rooted in the world of Afro House. 

What gear do you have to make your music, does that matter, are you particular about it?

I use a lot of different gear to produce my sound. From analog to digital. I use Moog, Korg, Machine, Roland TRS 8, Roland Sonic Handdrum. For live instruments such as Guitar, Violin, Piano etc.. I prefer inviting real musicians to my studio to record the sound. Furthermore, I use a variety of Plugins. 

Tell me about your tune “Touch The Black Light” for Leisure Music – what inspired it?

My inspiration for this track comes straight from a club oriented feeling I wanted to create. The track is made to be played on a MainStage, peak time Afro House sets. 

When and where did you write it, what was the thinking?

I wrote in Leisure Music Production studio. Usually, I am not thinking about anything. I just let the music come through and guide me, but I wanted to create a powerful Afro track. 

And was it weird writing music without any clubs to play it in?

No it was not weird, because there are countries that do have clubs open, and the track is played. Furthermore it was included in a lot of radio shows and podcasts from many famous international Dj’s. 

What else have you got coming up?

I have many exciting projects I am currently working on. Most important to me is the I discovered an amazing artist and singer from South Africa called Aya., who we managed to sign exclusively to our label. My first release with him will be presented in March with great Connected Frontline. 

What music have you been listening to during lockdown?

I am always listening to music, mostly Afro House and Melodic Techno.

Thank you!

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