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Weekend Heroes

Weekend Heroes talking

Weekend Heroes started their way as a collaborative project between 2 electronic scene veterans Felix Nagorsky aka Timelock and Eli Baltsan aka DJ Zombi. They first met in 2009 with a goal in mind to create music that would be different but at the same time speak easily to a wild audience. A perfectly balanced blend of Progressive House & Melodic Techno.

Since the beginning of 2010 Weekend Heroes started touring the world frequently with their dynamic and pumping Live Act.

We had a chat with the duo about Tel Aviv and their latest production. Check it out.

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Hi guys! Thanks for talking to us, how are you doing?

Thank you, we are good. It’s a pleasure to chat with you!!

You are known for your melodic house & techno sound, why is this the genre/style you chose to produce? What about it that resonates with you?

We used to make Progressive / Melodic sound for a long time. It’s just the emotions and the groove that drives us to produce this style. We love the energy and the vibe of this style.

You released your new EP “Felt The Fire” which includes the Eraly Tepshi remix on Black Rose. What was the inspiration behind the release and what were you trying to bring the listener to experience?

This release is one of our favorites. We got very nice emotional vocals from the singer that we work with and things got rolling from there.

Tell us more about yourself. New music, events, and projects to tell us about?

We have a very busy release calendar in 2024 with great labels. Info will be shared shortly. On top, we also have an upcoming tour in Europe and Brazil in December.

Take us through a day in your life, from a possible morning routine through to your production work and otherwise, please.

Morning coffee, gym, and studio time. We work in the studio more in the morning and noon hours. Evenings we spend with our families.

There have been quite a few amazing electronic music artists emerging from Tel Aviv like yourself. What was it like growing up there and who were some of your local heroes?

There are many great artists. Tel Aviv is a very artistic city with great vibes of the music culture. From Psy Trance and Techno to Heavy Metal. We have a full box of positive memories from the past, from the raves and the clubs.

Who did you look up to and why?

Sasha has always been a huge inspiration for us, his feeling for Music, his way to DJ it, his way to come fresh again and again … and again. His passion is unlimited and he never compro- mise on his sound. It’s amazing to see somebody playing for 30+ years and sounding true to himself.

If you were a tour guide for nightlife in Tel Aviv, what would be the clubs you’d take the people to see and what local DJs do they need to hear?

Honestly, Tel Aviv is not in its best shape in current years. I guess many other cities around the globe were affected in the same way after COVID-19. Clubbing is much less popular than before and the crowd mainly looks for events out of the city.

Still, there are plenty of nice smaller venues. I would start my tour by going to Hive for a cocktail on the rooftop and a little dancing in the mini club they have. Then I would take my group to Gagarin for the main event followed by Maze for the never-finishing after-party. 🙂

DJs you ought to check out in Tel Avi are Yamagucci, userUNKWN, and Guy Mantzur. If you are lucky enough to catch them playing in Israel.

What’s a book you’ve read or film you watched that has left an impact on you, and why?

The movies by Chris Nolan are amazing. Pure inspiration, the last movie “Oppenheimer” has a very strong mind-bending effect.

Apart from music, what makes you happiest?

Our families, and the pleasure of fans love & response to our music.

What does the 2024 hold for you? Anything you can share with us?

We are very excited about upcoming releases and shows, we are working full-time in the studio… the year will start with a very BIG release for us. Follow our Weekend Heroes social channels to stay updated, very soon the info will come… 🙂 It will be a very productive year.

Thank you.

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