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Wonky fonky mix by Artoftonez and … a little chat

Here we go again with a new edition in our TGMS Podcast Series. This time it’s Marcus Holzadt aka Artoftonez behind the decks. Based in the Über hip Cologne (according to us) he talks to us and answers a few questions about who he is, what made him start a career as a dj/producer and a bit about his own production work.

On a side note, we think this guy is a fun guy to hang out with. Listen to mix and find out. His track selection is a blend of different styles that will make you swing around the house.


  • Jolly Mare – Tutto Bene / Leon Vynehall – Butterflies
  • De La Soul – Saturdays
  • Untitled (Artoftonez)
  • Untitled (Artoftonez)
  • Cecyl Gruuv (Artoftonez remix)
  • Audio Werner – Easygoing (Artoftonez remix)
  • Butch – Sand
  • Dirt Crew – Blow
  • Untitled (Artoftonez)
  • Etienne de Crecy – Prix Choc (Super Discount 2)
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send a prayer
  • Shlomi Aber – Slow Dancer (Josh Wink Interpretation)
  • Kerry Chandler – Yellow
  • Huxley – Callin
  • Audio Werner – Ever (Artoftonez remix)
  • Djulz – DA Madness
  • Steve Lawler – Do Ya ! (Richy Ahmed Interpretation)

Can you tell us, who is Artoftonez? And where are you from?
First of all thank you for sharing my music on your platform. Appreciate that.
I’m Marcus, producer & promoter, born in 1982. Was raised in Germany in a place nearby the Dutch border and next to the “Ruhrpott” Area. During the daily 9 to 5 routine I’m in my office doing Wholesale and equip railway stations that are under construction.

How did you end up becoming a dj/producer? What was the spark that made you start playing/producing music?
I’m educated in Guitar and Keyboard. When on a day someone came up with those music software programs like Propellerhead, REASON or ABLETON LIVE I got sucked into it and enjoy wasting my free time playing with beats and mixing it together for fun.

I’m no DJ or local hero, even tho I played a few gigs in the last two years. Which is great fun I and could imagine doing this more often.

I always supported friends and preferred to dance but since the older I got the less I’d like to go out to party. Yet, the passion for music remains.

I understand myself as a purist. Doesn’t matter if what you hear is good or not, I just like to do make music and will keep doing it. My heart still beats “Hip Hop, Jazz & Funk” so I always try to combine it with Techno, House and my own sounds in my mixes.

Soon there will be some new releases on Valley Sound Records Colombia and also on Lorenz Recordings again. Will keep You posted !

What was the inspiration for the mix you made? How did you select the tracks and is there a story behind?
So till now a career in the music industry wasn’t a topic so far. I do like to get feeedback, sure and I m happy to make others happy with my music. I like playing “live”. When I record a mix I record it once, without doing rework, cutting and slicing. So it might be that my mixes sound a bit rough from time to time.

What I like about music is, when It surprises. A good mix doesn’t have to be structured that hard to create a good story. A mix of mine can be loud, calm, fast and slow again. Containing all styles of music. Key thing is that it has to take you on a journey and set a special mood. A good vibe. That`s it.

For this mix here I chose “Summer” as a topic and selected tracks I recently recorded to mix them together with the tracks I really enjoy nowadays

How about your own work. Anything to say about recent productions?
#Artoftonez is the “pseudo” I chose to release my first official tracks on smaller labels like Deep taste records from Colombia or Lorenz Recordings in the UK which is my Mastering Studio. I like travelling and the exchange with people or musicians all over the world. Sure that social media make it all easier to connect with like minded people, records labels and so on.

What artists inspired you as a kid growing up?
Artist I always respected and who influenced me are German comedian and Jazz musician Helge Schneider. Also the American “maverick” Harry Partch who invented his own instruments and the mikrotonal-music. Check him out, it`s very interesting and a little history lesson in music as well.

Besides that I like DJ’s and musicians like Magda, The Wighnomy Brothers, Delano Smith, Robert Hood or Steve Lawler for example. I never planned to become a Dj, rather a live-Act. So, will see what the future will bring. Work hard, play hard.

If there is any place you could play in the world at this very moment, where would that be?
If you ask me where I want to play if I’d get the chance I would say I prefer beaches, terraces, day-parties and small cozy clubs. One special event would of course be Sonar Barcelona.

What’s your guilty pleasure music wise?
My “guilty pleasure music wise”? Well, when I lived with my parents, my dad`s Sunday morning “radio concert” and their crazy CD collection of German Schlager Group “The Flippers“. And sometimes when home alone, I find myself listening to some of the CD’s, even the ‘schlagers’.

Artoftonez Artoftonez Artoftonez Artoftonez

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