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Tanzgemeinschaft | 21/10/2017

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Walt Cor P dropping some deep tech house grooves

18/10/2017 |

A strong mix

Here is a mix that is right up our alley. Sublime tracks we love all put together in a stunning guest mix by Chilean-bases Walt Cor P. His prefered styles are Deep House, Downtempo, Tech Melodic … Read More

Eren Erdol brings a great jazzy house vibe

10/10/2017 |

Eren Erdol sets the mood with this great mix

It’s been over two years already since we had an interview with this great artist called Eren Erdol. He is simply a fantastic & creative spirit running his own label … Read More

DomDom’s deep thoughts on the world’s cultures & beyond.

08/10/2017 |

Our next guest in our TGMS guest mix series comes from Switzerland. DomDom drops us a fantastic journey you ought to experience. Please sit back, relax and enjoy this wondrous trip.

On a journey with DomDom

Where are … Read More

Cassiano Barbosa aims for sweet excitement

04/10/2017 |

Cassiano Barbosa smooth delights

The music of Brazil encompasses so many regional musical styles that are influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms. Within this country music developed some unique and original styles. In time electronic music took over a … Read More

Monophaze joins Tanzgemeinschaft for a montly mix

30/09/2017 |

This year truly has started with a blast. Already 3 great interviews in the past 2 weeks and 3 great guest mixes. We can say there are many more to come from some great talents out there. So make sure … Read More

Manny Rabadi’s genre bending techno.

27/09/2017 |

Our next guest is born and raised in Strasbourg, a city he is very attached to according himself. Passionate about music from an early age and influenced by his origins, Manny Rabadi tries to bend the genres in order to … Read More

Interview & guest mix: Knarly Knob

20/09/2017 |

Only recently the versatile DJ and producer Knarly Knob released a fantastic dancefloor-oriented EP, ‘Oblivio‘ on his self-titled imprint Knarly Knob records. Not much after, another release followed on Emotive Sounds (more about this in the interview).

We questioned ourselves, … Read More

BinaryFunction, top notch acid house

10/09/2017 |

This guy is simply amazing and so passionate about his music. Only recently we had a proper chat with Paul Panik who goes under the moniker as BinaryFunction. You can read it here on our website. Do check it out … Read More

Claudio Gasparini blends in

08/09/2017 |

Our new guest comes from the northern region of Italy. Claudio Gasparini dropping a really nice blend of deep house, house and jazzy grooves.

Claudio was born and raised in Turin at the end of the eighties. As a youngster, … Read More

Deep sensations by Dublew

07/09/2017 |

Next up in our Podcast Series comes the fresh talent from the deep suburbs of South-Asia. Dublew shows that music doesn’t need to be hectic and cluttered to bring people into ecstasy. His deep, open minded organic sounds take you … Read More