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Tanzgemeinschaft | 22/07/2018

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djmix | Tanzgemeinschaft

TGMS Future Stars #31: AvoCado, highly energetic!

10/07/2018 |

Next up in our Future Stars series is an artist coming from a city we love so much. Already our 31 installment this year. We are very exited to announce AvoCado, an artist hailing from Cologne who brings us a … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #30: Stereo Munk

30/06/2018 |

As Music Producers from Pakistan, on early days, Muhammad Faisal Maqbool aka. Stereo Munk started working with basic musical applications and other mixing techniques into his productions. Following some years he gained his interest in DJing as well, and that … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #29: Roderich

24/06/2018 |

Up next in out TGMS Future Stars series is a youngster from Lima, Peru. Roderich got influenced by artists like Digitaria, Adana Twins, Nu & More. Discovering music via parties around and joining the Deep Motion community in his city, … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #27: Volar

18/06/2018 |

Funky awesomeness by Volar

Volar is a new Amsterdam based musical collaboration between Hans LĂ©autaud and Patrick Linthorst. Despite Patrick and Hans’ widely different musical backgrounds, they managed to combine forces because of their indomitable love for underground music and … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #26: Rodaq

11/06/2018 |

From Asia with love: Rodaq

From the deep and wicked roots of the true Berlin club landscape, the now Asia-based underground music advocate Rodaq has put his mark on the map. The delivery of a hypnotic and twisted, yet energizing … Read More

TGMS Fuure Stars #25: Dylan Munro

06/06/2018 |

From the shadows steps forward an individual who tends to keep to himself in person so that he can let his music do what it needs to do. South African born Dylan Munro is fairly new to the scene in … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #24: Blixa

04/06/2018 |

Blixa bringing the sound of the UK

Music has always played a major role in Blixa Aguerreberry’s life mostly due to his dad and his massive CD collection, that exposed him to so many different genres and always kept them … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #23: Eliahh

30/05/2018 |

Up next in our Future Stars series is Berlin-based talent Eliahh. We are happy to have on board!

Grown up in Thuringia (Germany) next to the legendary club Muna where he struck his musical roots. His often long sets tell … Read More

TGMS Future Stars #22: Dimitry

24/05/2018 |

Next up in our already great looking TGMS Future Stars series is a talent hailing from Montreal. His journey started about 5 years ago.

Being inspired by the biggest names out there, Dimitry’s sound was slowly shaped by the groove … Read More

Techno music resident, Monophaze

15/05/2018 |

The saga continues

2017 is already far behind us and 2018 is already up to speed. At least for us, it is. The first month of this year started with 1 guest mix, 5 future stars mixes, 12 premieres and … Read More